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Hello UPSers...

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Well-known member
Jan 29, 2002
Does anyone knows how many more aircraft is UPS plan to receive this year? and How many pilots are retiring this year or the next couple years?
As A person who as been on file with UPS for 2 years 2 months now, the Air Inc. Newsletter say, 'No interviewing' at UPS as of right now for this year. Only taking people from their pool. As for aircraft, caught wind that they are looking at send the B-727s to the bone yard. Who knows how true that is.

Good luck, as I always tell myself.
UPS 727's

We are parking 15 727's and displacing those crews. I've heard nothing about parking any more than the 15.
I know that all the 727-200's (8)are gone. The total will be 18 727's(8 200's and 10 100's). UPS reduced it's Airbus order from 12 to 6 for this year. We are also getting 2 more MD-11's.

I don't know how many retirements there are. The problem is the captains are sliding back to the F/E panel. That will have an effect on hiring. Things change on a minute by minute basis. I have no idea when the hiring will start. Near term does not look good. My guess would be the first of the year.
My guess is your are right UPS DC8 on when the next time UPS hires. But what I do not understand is how does a captain go to the F/E seat?
As I read the above posts I cry and say to myself, 'now what?' I have been at the same job for several years now trying to show that I do not jump from job to job. That I am an employee who will be around for a long time. I have done all that I was told to do on how to get a better then normal chance for an interview with UPS. The jet time, jet pic time, and a boat load of night too(68% on my total is night). The 4 year degree, and the LOR(only one). Excuess me, sniff sniff. Back to the planning board and see what to do now. BUT, I refuse to give up! Refuse to!! My pants will be brown one day!!! The entire pair that is, not just the backside part.
This is why.....

108.30 an hour for a Captain downgrade to F/E and he retains his seniority number as he slides in....putting him in the top 20% of the list in the seat. Most of the retreads (and I use that term with all due respect) would rather being doing something else and kiss big brown the final goodbye, but it's too good of a part time job to walk away from.

What I heard was the 727's that are parked are not being retired. They are being kept in a condition that allows some of them to return to service if volume picks up....maybe for peak. Personally, I doubt we'll ever see the -200's again. On the other hand...they are displacing crews off the 727 and I think some of the ones being parked needed expensive maintence.....so, it doesn't look good.

LittleLearBoy...I don't think it's ever good to put all your eggs in one basket. Even before 9/11, my advice to a qualified guy was to hit all the big airlines with descent contracts and hope for the best. I kinda wanted to work for Alaska but they wouldn't talk to me....it would have been a huge mistake to wait around five or ten years just to get a shot at them. Good luck at wearing the brown tie someday....all you can do is keep plugging away and have a good attitude.
I don't believe the 727's are coming back. I also heard that it is 15 instead of 18. However, we have parked a couple of 747's also, and they displaced off the 747 also. Plus we have a bunch of retreads. Almost no one we have retires, about 95% go back to the panel. Which screws up the hiring.

Good luck to all of you.
too good of a part time job.?.?...

What is the real story with why the "over 60" crowd chooses to spend their days/nights sitting sideways when they should be spending their hard earned retirement cash? Is the retirement fund calculation heavily weighted by years working for the brown man? Do they have so much vacation time that they don't have to ever work and they still qualify for a paycheck? Pull back to reveal.......
The real deal is that many simply can't afford to retire right now.

Remember, UPS has only operated their own airline for just 14 years now. We lived with below industry standard contracts until our current one which still lags in retirement. Many of the "retreads" came from now defunct airlines such as Braniff and Eastern and some went through the Continental strike in the 80's with Lorenzo. Many of these folks lost EVERYTHING and had to start all over!

There are also a select few who have a couple of ex's and/or kids in college, made bad investments, didn't save enough etc, etc. who simply just need the money. They're making $100,000+/yr and have pretty good seniority when they go back to the panel. Heck, they probably fly better trips sitting there then when they were Capt's.

I think after our next contract, which is amendable at the end of 2003, and retirement issue being near the top of our priority list, you'll see many of these folks retire.

And that, they say, is the rest of the story.

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