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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Was offered a position flying a BE400 today for a 91/135 company. When I inquired about upgrade, I was told that "due to insurance mins, we have a 25,000 hr requirement for PIC's."

Ok, I'm 32 and if I fly 1000 hours per year, I can upgrade when I'm 54. Geez, I must be special to land a winner like this.
I guess I just don't understand this ...

I know of a small 135 company (3 Citations, 1 BE400, 2 BE200s) that can put an FO in the right-hand seat of any aircraft at 500 hours and a Captain in the left seat of everything, including the C650 at 2500 hrs.

This is a huge difference, any ideas why? If 25,000 hours for PIC is where everyone's heading I see alot of companies going outa business.


Are you sure the person you spoke with wasn't mistaken? Maybe you spoke with someone who wasn't "in the know" and quoted 25000 when he/she meant 2500. Just a thought, for your sake I hope they're wrong
I spoke with the owner. Also confirmed with a 10k hour SIC. Owner said that because of the "clientele they fly", that was the requirement. I'm assuming that if this is true, there must be some pretty important people flying on these airplanes. I'm interested to see exactly who they are.

I flew Hillary a while back, isn't she the most important person in the world? :) What gives?
I know of a Conquest operator who needs 5,000 in type for PIC insurance coverage.

This is getting crazy.
Sounds like a typical old-timer. Thinking that it's the space shuttle. I know that I am probably will get flamed for the first comment but oh well. That is kind of what it is like around here where I fly. All the older guys around here seem to think that you need a million hours to fly a turbine aircraft. That's just a bunch of bull. 25k to fly a beechjet. I don't care if the president is in the back you don't need that much. And by the way Hillary isn't important at all. By that's just my 2 cents.
Notice the smily face by the end of the Hillary comment.

Talk about important people, I flew a bunch of strippers back and forth from a golf tournament a couple of weeks ago. They looked great going down but coming back, Hillary and/or Chelsea would have looked like a beauty queen.
Yeah I knew you were just kidding about Hillary. So the strippers were rode hard and but away wet huh? So were the strippers for Tiger? ;) Maybe that's way he won.
If you fly the pope around, you have to call ahead to the FBO and have them clean a section of ramp, so he can kiss it.

He does that every time....

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