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Headsets for sale!

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This is not the for sale section. Running identical threads in multiple forums is called spamming, and it's both unprofessional, and unappreciated.

I've appreciated following your posts through the years. You are no doubt a more experienced aviator than I and far more knowledgeable when it comes to all things aviation.

My goals here didn't include professionalism nor appreciation. My goal here is to sell some old headsets. You may be an aviation guru, but that doesn't make you a social norms cop, nor an arbiter of web behavior.

I am well aware this is a training section and not the 'for sale' section, but those who train might need a headset. Also, those who train may not know there is a 'for sale' section. This post has had 7 views where the 'for sale' post has only had 3.

I'm sorry I wasted a fraction of a second of your time reading this thread title. I didn't force you to click on this thread. With a title of 'Headsets for sale', I'm assuming you knew what it was about. Well then, why are you here?
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There's a classifieds section, for that, brightspark.

It's good that your goal isn't professionalism...you've managed to fail miserably at that.

Your post is still spam, and therefore made stupidly. You defend that practice?
avbug is a Dildo! Why does he care that you posted on here. Most of the garbage he spews is copy and paste anyways, I consider that spam. I am sick of his commentary on what everyone does.
It's not silence when others can read it!

It is, for me, because I don't have to. Like an annoying gnat, he was fun to play with for a while, but became boring, and quite honestly the ignore feature works well for characters such as her.

As for the original poster, it's still spam, and still a stupid thing to do.
Avbug, you like playing with annoying gnats? You probably also eat pieces of crap like me for breakfast ; )

Just because you judge something to be stupid, or a post to be made stupidly or to even be spam for that matter, doesn't make it so. So yes, I do defend that practice because that practice is freedom. I have the freedom to post, you have the freedom to ignore me and the post.

By the way, thanks for the bump.

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