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Heading West

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Chicago Style
Nov 28, 2001
I work for a 135 operator that pays us travel days and for our hotel the day prior and the day after a trip. I'm looking for input and advice from pilots who jumpseat from east of the Misissippi to a domicile in the western frontier. I have jumpseating experience (and a company credit card when I can't), but no experience with choosing and securing a crashpad--this'll be new to me.

My wife just made the decision to keep us in ATL by accepting a job with Lockheed. We were going to eventually move if/when I go to EMB-120 class.


:( :

I don't know what the others will have to say, but after 9/11 I think you will find it extremely difficult to jumpseat on a 135 ID. Most of the majors wouldn't accept 135 before 9/11, HIGHLY doubtful afterwards. Per chance did you get hired by that company in ATL thats going to be operating EMB-120s?

I dont think any 121 operator can take any 135 jumpseaters, even if they wanted to because of the FAA regulations. See if you can get past the gate agent these days!
If you are going to Skywest...try and get Denver or SLC as a base, and the commute will be pretty easy. It's always easier if it's hub to hub. If you are able to get the RJ, then DFW would be easy. As far as crashpads...just wait till class, usually people within the compnay will help new guys out while they figure out their way around the system.

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