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Hawker 900xp

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2005
The group I work for has decided to purchase a midsize jet. The preliminary decision is the Hawker 900xp, mainly due to: price, delivery positions and aircraft capability.

I am mailnly concerned about:

1. the jet living up to its performance specs (real world flying v. what the sales rep says)
2. operating costs
3. training costs
4. aircraft comfort for owners (and crew)

Can anyone give me their thoughts on opearting this aircraft as well as known problems or concerns? Are their better options considering price/capability. I think they should wait for a G-250, but that's not going to happen. I haven't flown a midsize in many years and don't know much about that segment of the industry so any help from current owner/operators would be very helpful.

There are a few of us pulling our hair out saying similar things. The group wants to buy new... I have no idea why. I am trying to give them the best options, but they write the checks.
I gotta agree with buying used these days. The prices are just WAY too good. If your heart is set on a Hawker, lots of them to be had.

Cant speak for the 900, but the 800 was a nice aircraft. Carried 10000lbs of fuel. Went from CLE to LAX pretty much no problem at FL410.

Comfortable for both the passengers and crew. I stand up in it (Im 5 feet 9 inches tall). As I recall the seats even for the crew were pretty nice and the 900 has a really nice avionics suite. Reatively roomy inside.

Cant speak for training costs, but pretty much all the schools are willing to deal these days. I dont think its unreasonable ask for and get a 20 percent discount, especially if you or the pilots already have a relationship with the school

Luggage capcity is OK. In our 800 it was in the front and unless you were bring a buttload of stuff, you could get it in and secure it. We had a small compartment in the Lav (which you can also stand up in) for our bags and it fit fine.

Hawkers a tough aircraft and fun to fly. The ramshead yokes dont take too long to get used to.
A new G250 is going to cost at least $8M more when it comes available than a 900XP lists for today...and I'd imagine HBC is willing to make some deals to move some airplanes right now.

I've evaluated new midsize airframes and the G150 beats the pants off the Hawker when it comes to operating economics, goes further at a faster speed and has MUCH better baggage not to mention no messy TKS fluid...but it has wing boots, less full-fuel payload than the Hawker and the cabin is a few feet shorter in length which obvioulsy can effect pax comfort.

Training comes with a new airframe from FSI, but 900XP training is available from both FSI Beech & Simuflite MMU.
Hawker flight deck comfort is outstanding. In my opinion, the real world numbers on your hawker will be as stated by the book. They are easy to hit because they are not predicated on cruse at FL 450 at some perfect wind and temperature. The airplane is very predictable day in and day out. Ours does anyway. Ours is a 750, but I have several buddies flying the 900 and they love it. The Proline 21 is awesome. We are certified paperless with dual servers. We have had very few issues in our first 120 hours of operation. Support has been outstanding. Our Pax love the airplane.
A brand new G200 can be bought for 15 mil, and you can have it now. It's THE best deal out there for NEW if you only have 15 mil to spend!

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