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Hawker 800XP CAE Initial Training Material FOR SALE

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Just Jay

She said "Thrust"
Feb 24, 2005
I have to complete course material NEW and UNUSED from CAE for the Hawker 800XP (initial) Honeywell equipped. This includes:

  1. Pilot Training Manual
  2. Operating Handbook (checklist)
  3. SPX-8000 Pilot's Manual
  4. Honeywell Primus II Integrated Radio System Manual
  5. Honeywell TFE731 Pilot Guide
  6. Honeywell MK V and MKVII EGPWS Manual
  7. FMS Taskebook (FMZ Series)
  8. FMZ Series FMS Pilots Operating Manual
  9. Training Guide
  10. Panel Art
  11. FMS Simulation software CD (but may not work)
  12. USB Thumb drive with digital and bonus CAE material
  13. CAE blue and black duffle bag
Whatever came wrapped has remained unopened and all is in as new condition.

I am asking $500 for all of it but might entertain other reasonable offers. Please PM me if anyone is interested or if you have a good idea where to sell it besides ebay. :beer:
I'm gonna have to agree that selling it for $500 is way, way more than anyone should pay. $20 maybe. You get it all for free during training, and have plenty of time to get through it all once there. Good luck, but have a feeling it will be an addition to your library.
And why would anyone want a bunch of books when they give you everything on a jump drive now anyways? They are up to revision 8 for the 800XP now fwiw.

I lol'd when I saw $500... give it to aspiring pilots working as line techs who would appreciate it more.
When working at FSI we used to throw that stuff away if a client left it laying around or just didnt want it. $500????? Yeah right......
Wow! It's either 2 situations about this guy selling his training material. First, he doesn't know any better (newbie) or secondly, he paid for his own training! Hopefully, it's the first scenario :)

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