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Hawaiian's rejection email

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Jammin monkey Tee
Jan 23, 2003
I hear that some people who went through the 2 our the 3 interviews with Hawaiian received a "thanks, but no thank you" email today. I thought these people were in the "pool". WTF?
I never interviewed, received this today:

To reply to this e-mail, reply to: Hawaiian Airlines - Human Resources.


Thank you for your interest in our First Officer position. We regret to inform you that we have filled this position. We appreciate your interest in opportunities with us, and will retain your information for consideration for future openings. We wish you the best of success in your employment search.
Hawaiian Airlines
Human Resources
***This is a system generated notification mail.
***Please do not reply to this notification mail.
Myself and 3 other people I stay in contact with, who interviewed in July and made it thru Phase II all got the blast e-mail yesterday! Did anyone who interviewed this summer and made it to Phase II "NOT" get this e-mail?????
when did that email get sent yesterday? i interviewed last year and again this year during that first week in july....did the phase 2....i didn't get an email saying anything....yet....sorry to hear about the email...who knows whats goin on over there.....
Looks like all of this year interiviews got it. Last year interview folks that got a call for 1st interview again seemed to not get a letter this time. They already got that same email last year:)

At least this is what I can gather from buddies that did get email and those who didn't. Fun stuff. Such a straight forward hiring process;)
Talked to the CP today - if you interviewed and did the Phase 2 this year, and did not get a rejection letter immediately after that interview, you are still in the pool. They were only authorized to hire about 35, so everyone else got the e-mail today, and that includes everyone who applied online. However if you did interview and didn't get rejected earlier, you are still swimming in the pool. When hiring begins again next year there won't be additional interviews - all new-hires will come from the current pool. Good luck!


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