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Hawaiian updates?

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Jammin monkey Tee
Jan 23, 2003
So anybody got the call for the november class yet? It's been pretty quiet these past few weeks...
More interviews have been done since the initial posting in July. I would have to say probably 200+...not to mention all those that have done phase 2 last year. How many pilots are they looking for anyways? HAL or Dan...anything new that you can pass onto all of us?
I interviewed last year, then again 3 months ago. I was told that I'm in the pool, but my guess is that I 'll probably interview again next year if I don't get the call by next july! If you 're not currently flying somewhere else, I think your chance of getting called is minimal.
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Nothing new since my last talk with the Chief Pilot. I think it's closer to 125 or so that have interviewed so far though, not 200, although they may get closer to 200 by the time they're done. Again, he did say that if you haven't heard anything yet, it just means you're still in the pool. They don't expect to do any more interviewing once this cycle is done, and since they hope to hire upwards of 100+ within the next two years, I'd say that if you have interviewed, your chances of (eventually) getting on are pretty good. Remember, that's 125 interviewed so far out of 2000+ applications received. If you did get the call for an interview, you're already close to the top of the heap. If they follow their previous pattern, calls for the November class should be going out during the second or third week of October (rough estimate).

Beyond that, I don't know much more. All of the actual process, short of the final decision, is being done by the HR department. And to us pilots, they're locked up tighter than Fort Knox. I wish it wasn't that way, but unfortunately it is. If you've interviewed and haven't heard anything yet, my apologies. But eventually you should hear something - I just don't know when.


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