Hawaii Aviation, Contract Pilots....Questions


Otto Coarsen

DISCLAIMER: OK, so this technically doesn't belong on the "majors" board I suppose, but considering the fact that much of their flying is B747 flying for JALways and ANA I figure this must be where it's "flightinfo-posting" pilots of HACS must come to roost.

So, as a current DHC-8-200 series Capt, I'm hoping that I've got a shot at a the DHC-8-Q400 Captain Job for their ANA contract. Salary and living/commuting expenses seems great... Osaka from everything I've heard is great.. 3 year terms with a contract completion bonus seems very nice... So the questions are:

How many pilots do they plan on hiring? Historically, how often do they staff for this opportunity?

Is the Captain salary considered livable in Osaka?

8 month training in JP and Canada they say... Full JCAB ATPL conversion.... So can your spouse come with? 8 months is a pretty long goodbye.

Do they hire DHC-8 typed guys/gals with only 1,2,300 series time as Capts?

Anything else relevant??

Thanks in advance!!:D