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Has anyone on had a crash??

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Curtis Malone
May 6, 2002
Has anyone on the board had a crash which they would like to share? I've heard a lote of engine failure stories but not many about crashes.
I once got rear ended by a Toyota. I was OK but I had to hang my license plate up with coat hanger wire for the drive home.
My lap top just crashed. The drive failed and I just glided it across the room and it hit the wall next to my dog. The dog will be alright and a formal investigation is underway.

Try faa.gov.

You can access any crash if you find the ntsb site,,,,I don't have the exact site, but maybe someone will chime in.
Avbug might have, he has seemed to have done everything. Come on Avbug we need a good crash story.
Was back seat in a 182 inop landing light,after landing the pilot wrecked the plane into the only ditch in the airport(night}no reports,no records.Same thing happened again recently,same airport.Dont expect too many crash stories as most wont tell,some cant tell....as flydog says check NTSB.
I've crashed at a couple of friends' houses before. Crashed with my wife once or twice, then ended up just moving in and marrying her. man, I wish I could crash again......
Do hard landings count?:D
i was giving six people a balloon ride north of san diego one evening.

there was one landing site left before a city and it was getting dark. i dropped the rope to the ground crew but they couldn't hold it. i saw a 110000 volt power line coming up and pulled the top out of the balloon. we dropped fifty feet and hit hard. simultaneously the balloon hit the lines and they arched, causing a loud bang and flash - just like in a war.

one conservative japanese pax jumped out of the basket. i thought we would get light and drift up into the lines so i yelled for him to grab the basket, to put his weight on. he hesitated thinking he'd get electrocuted, but his wife was in there. he came through with his beer belly.

that was it. this was on about the one mile final approach to palomar in carlsbad. most balloon fatalities are from power lines; they cut through the metal support cables like butter. in training, they tell you that if you have the dilema of going over the power lines and saving the balloon from damage but risking death, or landing and dragging into the lines and wreaking the balloon, it's better to land.

a couple years ago i was taking off from albuquerque at 5am in a ce 210. the previous morning i had almost hit their new control tower in the dark ("what were those flashing red rotating beacon lights that just went by?"), so i lifted off and made an early turn out.

i was a couple hundred feet in the air and ninety degrees to the runway and reducing to climb power, when the fuel pump failed. i thought i was dead; at my twelve oclock was desert and darkness. i should've hit the fuel pump. i turned back and landed on the taxiway parallel to the runway and in the same direction of takeoff. the landing gear was halfway down and the struts were ground halfway through. i stopped and shut everything off and got all the paperwork in order that i should've had done before engine start.

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