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Happy With Your Job?

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Never Trust A Monkey
Sep 11, 2003
Hi All-

Just like every other pilot out there, from time to time, I wonder if my current job is right for me. Although the company itself is pretty good and treats their pilots well, just like every other job, there are times that it really sucks. It's times like that when you consider other available jobs. However, it seems that most other pilots are in the same shoes or worse.

Curious if anyone wants to offer how they feel about there current pilot job? How is the pay? Quality of life? Future growth within the company?
I love my job, FO pay sucks, have 12 days off, Houston is too hot, humid, and for the most part boring.
The company is pretty good and the pilot group is great.
The FA group is too old, ugly and gay, but a lot of them are cool to hang out with.
Management is not bad either, and our work rules are good.

Do I want to move on eventually? You bet, but I enjoy going to work.
Hard landing? 1.57G's cleared. Abort Cleared by FAA. The other issues remain in the air, basically they wanted to throw the book at me but the ASAP program won't let them. So they will retrain me then reevaluate me etc, etc. Yes I am still in the dog house, at least I got the 4th off. So much for handing yourself in, which I did.
It is especially hard to swallow when you know from experience that what happened does happen everyday in this country on a regular basis. Guess I am going to be the inspiring guinea pig for the ASAP program, if they can retrain me then I guess they can retrain anyone.
Sorry about your travails, Turbo. Best of luck to you.

My job, for the most part, is pretty good and I enjoy it, but I am absolutely not staying here once I get enough time to move on. The pay sucks, although I don't think that's something unique to my instructing job. But I make enough to get by (barely sometimes), and I wouldn't really want to be doing anything else at this stage of my life.

Lets see, pay sucks. QOL sucks, (unless you factor in being able to do something that you like every day.) Room for growth is marginal--there isn't really room for "advancement" per se (I'd shoot myself before I became a chief instructor) but there are opportunities for pay increases.

And instructing is something that I really do enjoy, and I feel that I work hard at it and am professional. It's just that I don't think that I could do it full time for the rest of my life. I'd love to take on one or two students part time though after I move on. That'd be a lot of fun.

But hey, at least crappy FO pay will seem good when I get there.

Management is great, and at least I get payed sick days and vacation. Also, since I instruct in a collegiate setting, I get to take free classes. That's a great perk. So even though I don't get payed much I get to further my education, which is really pretty valuable when you think about it.

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Happy with job? So far, four point five years into my current job and I can't think of anything to complain about.

My co-workers are kind of kooky, but they probably think the same of me... :D

Even when the weather is gnarly, I still get up and drive an hour into work without dreading being there.

When I left my lucrative union job at the paper mill at 32, my goal was to find something in aviation that paid a little more than I was making, had a better schedule, didn't leave me covered in paper dust at the end of the shift and provided me with a sense of accomplishment and adventure. In addition, I wanted to work at a place where I was appreciated.
Like the job, learn alot, go some interesting places, great overall experience. Pay sucks but with some freelance flight instruction I pull in an extra $500-700 cash each month. QOL is good. Average about 16-17 days off each month which leaves time for the flight instructing and anything else I get my paws into (in the summer, these things typically involve alcohol). All that said, I just updated my resume and will try and work connections for something better this fall.

Mr. I.

P.S. About a week ago I flew an early flight into BED, cruised over cars sitting in traffic on 95 and said to myself "suckers"!!!
Just remember folks, the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes we just have to walk through a lot of s**t to get there!
Mr. Irrelevant said:
About a week ago I flew an early flight into BED, cruised over cars sitting in traffic on 95 and said to myself "suckers"!!!

Around here we call it [Route] 128.

Understandably, seems like the common complaint is pay. Some of the great things about my line of flying is that I'm home every night 9 months out of the year. The other 3 months we're gone full time, but the company will pay for a spouse or whoever to fly out once during that time. Pay is good. Most pilots earn the same or more then an RJ captain to fly a piston twin. Future looks good, we have acquired 3 new aircraft in 2 years. Advancement is fairly predicable. Pilots can become project managers or some other position for additional pay. Office personnel are helpful and in good spirits too. Benefits are fair. Health care is paid half by company regardless of type of plan. 401K is matching 8%.

The bad side of this job is that there is no schedule. Every single day during spring, summer and fall that is clear is a work day. Holidays don't mean too much. Vacations are only allowed during winter, and even that is sometimes hard to work out. Pilots must perform other duties in addition to flying. Editing and checking film is the most common. 50 hour weeks are typical.
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