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Gulfstream 650 Rollout

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ZERT Wilson CQB User
May 6, 2005
Here's a video of the 2011 or 2012 Collier Trophy winner:


It's tough to think down the road to better times, but this machine will blow away any business aircraft ever built. First flight by the end of this year. Certification probably in 2011. I predict it will certify early, on budget, and will beat performance guarantees by 2-3 percent.

Hmm, lets see. 5000 miles at .92? Simply amazing engineering.
It looks like the offspring of Gulfstream, Hawker 4000 and a Global 5000 three some...

man I bet that would have been a noisy orgy...
No kidding-looks like a long global. Anyone know if flexjet has ordered any?
Whatever...looks like a G5 Unicorn pretending to be a candy cane.

Merry Magical Christmas.
I'm just not seeing a big difference between it and the 550. I guess the wing root looked a little different. Maybe the numbers are really impressive, but the video didn't show much of that.

GulfStream makes a beautiful plane. There is no denying that.
It's hard to judge how much bigger it is because it is so well proportioned. Those windows are 18% bigger than the windows on a IV or V. There are also 8 of them instead of 7 so the cabin is longer too (and wider from what I read). The "guppy" look at the wing attach point is a bit different for Gulfstream but to make 7500 + NM range, they needed room for a bit more fuel...

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