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Groen Brothers Aviation?

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Will kill for peace.
Sep 18, 2002
Has anyone heard of this company or their reputation? My wife has been offered a job and we would like to know if anyone has heard anything about them...


Good company. I fly their sport gyroplane, the sparrowhawk. The parent company's main office is in SLC (which if I'm not mistaken, is where you are). The sport division is in Buckeye, AZ.

They make good products and have some good minds behind the company.
Thanks. My wife seemed to think that they really have their stuff together and run a very respectful office. Job security is our main concern.

(because I have none on my end! :) )
No job security? Didn't you end up in UPT, with a slot at the 151st?

I don't know about job security with Groen Brothers..."job security" in aviation is generally accompanied by laughing hysterics, followed by loud, wet, sobbing. It has never existed, and never will.

The Homeland Defender gyro offered by Groen Brothers flew during the Olympics in SLC. It was quite successful too. I'm surprised that they haven't found a market and started production yet...it's certainly not for lack of trying on their part, or for lack of a good product.

Their aircraft is capable of zero landing speed and jump takeoffs, but not hover. It's less expensive than a helicopter, offers more advantages for it's mission in many respects, and offers several points of safety that make it a very attractive package.

At a recent homeland defense expo, out of several thousand applicants, theirs was chosen to be one of the presentations and displays. Their product is taken seriously, and to my mind, represents some very forward thinking in aviation. The gyro would have been a lot more prominent in aviation had it not been for the untimely death of the main proponents and developers of the early gyroplane many years ago, and the timing in concert with other major historical events. Today, the use of the Groen Brothers products makes a lot of sense.

Will the company survive in the future? I have no idea, but I certainly hope so. When they first publically unveiled their product years ago, I tried desperately to make it, and was stuck flying somewhere. I was very disappointed. I considered their work to be an important part of aviation development and history, and I still do.
Thanks again avbug.

And yes, I'm still with the 151st, but all the active duty pay and bennies end around March... Not worried about losing anything with them, just concerned that the Ops tempo will be enough to pay the bills.
Are you back and online now, winged and all? Where did the time go? Last time I remember corresponding, you had just moved to SLC and were upset with the movers. If I'm remembering correctly, of course.

Which doesn't happen a whole lot.
Yeah, time has been flying, but lately not fast enough. Got my wings Aug 12th, and I'm currently in Altus, OK attending KC-135 school. I get out of here Feb 6th, then back to SLC. I should be mission qual'ed end of march or so....

oh. and yes, your memory serves you correctly!
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That's pretty good, considering I've forgotten my own birthday more than once.

Congratulations on graduating.
NookyBooky said:

[looking at avatar] I'm sorry, did you say something??? [/looking at avatar]

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