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Great Plains Interview

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Does anyone have info on this interview? What sort of questions should I be prepared to answer?

Thanks in Advance.
Watch your self with that airline. I have two friends there are are not exactly happy with it. I live in TUL myself but don't work for them for the same exact reasons my friends have experienced.

Good luck on the interview though. Im not trying to rain on the parade, but talk to a few of the pilots before the interview.
I have to agree with the 328dude. Talk to some of thier pilots if possible.
The atmosphere at that airline seems to be quite bizarre from what I have heard from past and current employees.

Maybe things will change for the better soon. If you get hired
just fly as much as you can and enjoy it!
do you have an interview? if so, just curious when it is and even more curious as to how much time you have? Do they still only have two planes?
Could you guys be a little more specific for those of us that don't know any GP Pilots? What's so bizarre about it? Did you actually turn down a job offer or interview there? What do you mean "watch yourself"?

Great Plains

I too am wondering what people are hearing about Great Plains. I am trying to get an interview with them and so far haven't heard any bad things about them. But then again I haven't been able to talk to any of the pilots. Any info from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....KF
Well for starters you might want to ask them when they are planning on calling back the pilots that are currently on furlough. Secondly you might want to nail them down on the pay issue, it seems to change weekly. They have been saying that they are going to be getting new a/c for the better part of 6 mo. now. I wouldn't turn down another job or interview until your sure of what your getting into. Oh yeah no real senority system either. Maybe you'll upgrade and maybe you won't. ciao.
Re: Great Plains

Finally had an opportunity to make it to an interview there, nice group of people.... as with any startup they had to adjust their plans a bit......they mentioned that of the furloughed guys contacted only four are willing to come back.
its a very relaxed interview, makes the southwest interview look like an interagation.....three on one type interview while another captain is checking your log books...the panel doing the interviews aare the D/O the Asst D/O and the HR recruiter... approx 30 mins. all training is payed for and no training contract. plus you get paid while in training.

All round a good deal!!!!.....but the most important question!!
how long will it last?........this is my third statup so i've heard it all
and seen it all come down too!
Well I'm not exactly sure what they're smoking but I know that seven of the furloughed guys are coming back. One got a job at AirTran. Did they say if they are typing everyone? How long to upgrade if not. Whats the pay? You see, you can't get these answers when you work there.

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