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Great Lakes

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I jumped on them about 2 weeks ago and the FO said they were hiring. Dont know of they are still upgrading as fast as they used to be though.
How is life at the lakes these days. It seems that people think they are going to fail? What kind of times are competitive?
I sent them a resume about two weeks ago and then discovered a couple of days ago that they don't accept resumes via mail anymore. You have to submit an online application and it costs you $28. I figured why not give it a shot. I have well above their posted minimums and want a 121 job. My wife just wants me to get a job anywhere. My instructing job is a dead end. It has been extremely slow except for a few students that keep me going. I know Lakes doesn't pay much, but at this point, I would be doing better a Lakes than what I am doing now. If anyone needs their website here it is:


Good luck!
I have a question for any of you Lakers out there.

Are there contract negotiations going on right now. I though I read somewhere that the contract is overdue. Any insight?

I was able to get out of Lakes a few months ago, but here was the last contract stuff, any updates from current Lakers please shout.

In Nov. of 1997, a Teamsters contract was signed that did not bode well for the pilots. Unfortunately, the pilots pulled a stupid stunt to get Mgmt to pay attention to them. This most likely led to some concessions by the pilot group to get a lot of pilots rehired with no letter of reprimand in their files. The contract that was signed was a three year deal and if you can do the quick math, that was up in Nov 2000 with the last cost of living increase in Nov 1999 (ie you still get annual pay increases, but they are at a 1999 pay level). With Lakes' financial position, a new contract probably won't have much of an increase because Mgmt can claim that they are already pretty bad off. The Union waited a while to get a federal mediator appointed which should have finally happened earlier this year, but negotiations keep dragging on slowly, mostly (and I don't blame them) because pilot reps keep leaving for better jobs. This leaves the pilot side of negotiations weak and so not much gets accomplished.

I hope this helps, and "Once a Laker, Always a Laker."
That makes sense. It would be nice even if they gave their pilots a $2.00/hr raise to begin with. Might make things a little easier. I know Lakes isn't the greatest place on the face of the earth, but believe me, it sounds better than what I am doing now which is basically nothing. The flight school I am working at hired a $h.t load of new instructors in the last couple of months. A few were furloughed pilots from some airlines. It was slow to begin with but now for me at least my hours are diminishing fast per month. I can't go anywhere else, because no one else is hiring. One good thing though is as soon as my student's twin is out of annual, it's time to get another 100-200 hours of multi this summer. I would rather be getting the time in a mighty beech though.

Does anyone know if they are really hurting for FO's right now. I keep hearing that. Their posted minimums are low and I have just over 1100tt, and 200 multi. I would hope that I would get a call from them. Anyone have anymore info on current hiring?


Capt B, Lakes is hiring now and we are short on FO's there is a new hire class right now, I just met a few of them, they are the guys and one gal that were interviewed last year before we shut down training. there is also a class planned for July and Aug that I know of. We are in contract negs. but I wouldn't hold my breath. This isn't the place to retire but it is a place to get a lot of 121 time. your hours seem to be competitive and should land you an interview. now You need to call and bug them for the chance. If it is so bad here, how come the furloughed UAL guys are coming back asking for their old jobs back? It's not that bad as long as you expect to get your monthly sched and throw it out and wait for the JR manning. You'll fly a lot, we did just get a memo out for the July flights showing a slowdown of Number of flights but we'll maintain the same # of aircraft. I think this is just to get the loads a little heavier. Things are looking up a wee bit. good luck.
I did the online app. Who do I bug to get an interview?


Negotiations are still going on and their is a meeting at the end of June with a federal mediator. If things don't go well and there is no agreement there will more than likely be a cooling off period for a couple months. The pilot group is trying to get more involved/stronger and there are about 7 new commitees for the union. The main things that we want changed is pay, per diem, jr manning, schedules, and commuter clause. I'm sure I'm missing a few things but thats all I know.

We are planning on getting 2 more 1900s on line possibly in July and increasing the number of flights on a couple of routes.

As far as classes, one just finished yesterday and there is a new one starting June 20th. I haven't heard of any classes after June and I've talked to HR about that.

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