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Great Lakes What Happened

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Crash Pad

Well-known member
Jun 10, 2005
So I'm cruising over the greater Denver area and start feeling a little nastalgic. I tune in the old 131.32... So then I tried 127.47... The one the old timers call "wide"... nothing... I forget the other freq... if you could post that so I can try all three next time that would be great.

No animal noises, No music, no sarcastic humor, nothing. What's going on! If I can't hear the most abused pilot group in the industry having the time of there lives... I lose hope!

P.S. Stay as long as you can... other airlines don't take it as a funny joke when you stash porn in the cockpit... Oh yeah and ground schools at other airlines are not a 4 day bender like a certain upgrade/recurrent I remember... Oh yeah and the most alarming... There are not as many company keggers where everyone ends of naked!
128.92 at most of the outstations. A little while back a 30-second, screaming orgasm was played on frequency. That was the best one in a while....
I tried the same thing. I did my best cow, horse, and cat impression. And all I got back was one weak meow. What ever happen to the time the CP would put out memos and threatan us on the radio? Very Very disapointing.
Mabye you caught it during a lull, Id say I hear some crazy stuff over those freqs daily...for my money, it doesnt get any better than the overspeed cowboy.
Woo woo woo, Yee - HAH!!:D

Those were the days! Now we have to act all serious at our new airlines.
Hey, let's make squeeky noises everytime we hear one those UAL slots on the radio...that's funny!!!
** Noting frequencies for next flight that direction **

Is this only in the Denver area, and if so about how far out can you receive these transmissions?

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