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Great Lakes pilots please read...

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Masterless Samurai
Nov 26, 2001
Could someone who works from Great Lakes send me a PM? I want to verify that we still have our reciprocal jumpseat agreement in place with you guys and my jumpseat coordinator is little or no help. I fly for Era Aviation (7H) in ANC.

Thanks guys,

We had an Era captain on the jumpseat on the LAN-ORD route a year and a half ago when I flew the Brakillya at Lakes. Nice people up nort' der in Alaska, eh.
Ya we try to be friendly like. I jumpseat all the time myself. Usually it goes like this:

Me: Hello Captain I would like to jumpseat with you guys today

Captain: You fly for who? I've never heard of them. Are you 121?

Me: Era Aviation and yes we are.

Captain: Im going to have to look that one up

Me: Thank you

Invariably the captain gets back to me and gives me a ride and they are 99% of the time really cool guys. Would be nice to work for a carrier that people recognized though. Once in a great while I get someone who has heard of us. Do find lots of guys that have flown in Alaska. Are we still on the Air Willy list? I am not sure about that one anymore since we lost our UAL mainline agreement (still havent heard a good reason why). Hopefullly we get that one back soon, sucks not having it. Thanks for the help.


I am pretty certain GLA is still on the AirWisc jumpseat list - I certainly wouldn't turn down a Laker. The only catch is you have to have a seat in the back, only UAL and UAX pilots are allowed to ride up front.
At GLA, we have a very flexible jumpseat policy. We'll take as many jumpseaters as we have open seats. If you're airline is 121, I don't think there are any captains who will turn you down even if you are not on the official list (which I don't have a copy, so I can't check your airline). Show up with your license, company ID and a friendly attitude and you'll be welcome.

Good luck.
Great thats what i was hoping. Too bad it isnt like that everywhere. You guys are certainly welcome on us anytime. Thanks for the help on this one.


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