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Great Lakes and the $28.00 FEE

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Jan 6, 2002
Is this normal to pay a fee to send in an application with an airline? Is it worth it? Would it be worth it with low time (1000/100). $28.00 is a small fortune to me.
Here is my opinion on the issue. If you want to work there, or just want a 121 job in general, pay the $28. I did it and I am glad because I sent them a resume 3 weeks ago and they responded by saying that they don't accept resumes anymore. I payed the fee and applied online. All you have to do is answer some questions and I am under the impression that if you answer what they want you attach a resume. Then you take an 81 question Psych test. Keep your answers similar if the questions are related. With the way the industry is right now take what you can get. I have 1100tt, 200 multi and their minimums are so low that I hope I get a call for an interview. I want a job and Great Lakes would suit me just fine right about now. Do it if you want a job. Good luck.
I wonder how legal is this. I know there are many states that do not allow application-processing fees. Anyone have any comments?
It's legal and it sux. But with a 1000 hrs total time, I'd hold off on doing it. Most of their mins are around 1500 I believe. Just a thought.
App fees

Just pay it. What choice do you have? You can either pay or not apply.

I know how you feel. I shelled out plenty of good money years ago on app fees. It's like playing the lottery. You might win, in terms of getting "the interview." But, you may not. Of course, app fees are just another cash cow for the airlines.

Actually, $28 for an application fee isn't bad in these times. I remember paying $15 to one or two commuters twelve years ago. So, the cost apparently hasn't gone up that much. I know a few are charging $50.

I agree with the above that it may not be a bad idea to wait until you have 1500 hours and your ATP. On the other hand, assuming that it's a one-time fee, you apply and update.

Good luck with applying.
No type...

I'm not sure if any of you noticed, but the "500" total time requirement on Lakes' webpage I don't believe is a typo. They want like 500TT, 50ME, etc, etc, according to the webpage, so if you have over that, feel free to apply, I would expect. Tons of people from my college have worked for Lakes over the years, and the majority of them got their interview, and a JOB, with like 750TT, and around 50ME, not exagerrating in the least. Of course that was before 9/11.
I would do some careful research first. I have heard a lot of bad things about Lakes, from people who used to work there. I don't know if it's changed, but the attitude of "take any job these days," might not be a good idea. I know of too many people who took jobs from poor operators and then got held hostage and couldn't leave because the guy said he would give their next employer a bad reference. That stays on your record for a pretty long time.

Personally, I refused to pay app fees. I got an ap from Eagle, and it had a fee attatched. I didn't pay it, and now I'm so glad. I would probably be furloughed from them, after a very unhappy year living in Puerto Rico or something. I can't speak for everyone, but I personally wouldn't go anywhere that charged a fee. Well, perhaps for a really good job, but not for Lakes. Good luck to you.
app fee

You know that would be a great idea in principle but when you have poeple that would fly a Seminole for free, what do you think they would be willing to fly a 1900 for? Not trying to start a PFT argument, but it will never happen.
App fees

Once again, what are you gonna do? :confused: Absolutely, flying is just another type of occupation, but it's one that is highly sought-after. One that turns many normal people into virtual grovelers.

Also, what truly galls me is the money they make off our app fees. The airlines would argue that it is costly to set up files for the zillions of applicants they get and to maintain these files, and that instituting fees helps weed out the serious applicants from the not-so-serious applicants. Well, it really doesn't weed them out, so application fees result in a major profit center for airlines. Also, the personnel function comes with the territory of running a business. Furthermore, not every resume is filed. I had a colleague who got on at Stateswest and who later worked in administration. She said it had a room that had several piles of resumes stacked to the ceiling. I'd also bet that half of the resumes airlines received aren't even screened and those from the "less desirable" applicants are pitched.
App Fees

I really think there is someting to that fee exemption based on residency. Only because of the fact that I when I applied to Mesa (who had a $50 app fee) I was exempted as a CA resident.

I told Lori Clark that I had heard certain state residents were exempt from app fees, but the app itself made no mention of that. So I asked her, "What should I do, Lori?" She told me not to send the money, as I did not have to pay as a resident of CA.

Personally, I think it's a way for them to make money, and they wouldn't tell you about any exemptions unless you asked!
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