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GPS approaches and display choices


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Aug 12, 2004
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An airplane has a mfd that will show either a Moving Map or an EHSI display.

The EHSI can toggle between FMS or VOR or LOC or ADF inputs. There is no other depiction on the panel of gps(fms) data. The FMS provides approved GPS-approach info.

T or F:
The airplane can be flown on instrument approaches in imc with only the moving map display, the pilot is not required to be looking at the EHSI.

I am requesting references to prove this to someone, whatever the answer is. Opinions, while interesting to me, will be discarded as what I am really in need of is referenced fact. Thanks for understanding this point.


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Jan 5, 2002
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I did certification flights on GPS installations many years ago. There are several requirements for an IFR approved installation and not just the GPS unit itself. Each install could be quite different. The yes or no could be based on where the MFD is located. A good place to look for the info you desire would be in the AFM and its supplements.

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Heck, you can look at the floor if you want. I don't know of a regulation that requires you to look at an instrument. Monitor or use maybe.????
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