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Got a Niced New Car Today.

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B-J-J Fighter

Royce Gracie in Action
Dec 1, 2001
I know this is not aviation related but I have to share. I bought a new Honda S2000. It weights about 2600 lbs and has 240 HP. It does 0-60 in 5.9 and has a top speed of 165 which is governed. I love this thing, its a rocket. What do you guys think about this car. It handles like its on rails. The weight is balanced perfectly meaning the front end weighs almost exactly what the rear end weighs which is unusual for cars. Do you guys like these cars? Before this I was driving A toyota Truck.
Great choice! I LOVE S2000's! Doesn't get much better than a 8900 RPM redline :) I wish their was a hardtop version though (not a big convert. fan)
There coming out with a hard top that can be added to all years models sometime later this year. Its an extra 5 grand. The redline I think is 9.2K.

The S2000 is a sweet car and you just can't go wrong with a honda. I saw one with the hard top the other day and it looks nice, unlike most convertible hard tops. I have an Integra GS-R with the same basic engine and I still can't belive a 4 cylinder can pull like that. It doesn't give up much to the 89 Corvette I had before.

Jee whiz, either all of you are single, or you don't fly for the airline that I do. I can't even think about a car like that except in my dreams. My seven year old Toyota truck will have to make me happy for years to come...

P.S. in anticipation of comments about my airline. Yes I'm ready and expecting to go on strike for industry standard wages.
A real roasdster

You guys got it all wrong.

To fully experience a "real" roadster experience, are you ready.

Is to own an MGB/GT, yes you heard right. The hard top fastback style, don't care much for ragtops.

It don't fly like these new cars with wires and black boxes do but, it is a true and fun car to drive.

It sounds like its right out of hollywood, with wire wheel knockoff's and all that crome, I am talking about the mid 60's vintage also, not the rubber bumpered ones from the mid 70's.

I do have to admit though, that Honda is a fantastic looking car, I see one by my house all the time and it looks like it is a dream to drive.

Unfortunatly the pay at my regional airline will not support such an investment so I will be content an drive a true British roadster.

I just got rid of my 95 formula firebird. That B!itch was baaaad. 300 hp, but it had 110,000 miles and never had any problems. I just thought it was time to get rid of it, I miss it now, plus I couldn't pass up the dead I got on a new Tocoma.
The Honda S2000 is a very sharp looking car and will definitely turn heads and draw stares at red ligts. I on the other hand prefer good ole' American muscle. Mustang baby!!!

Congratulations on your new car!

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