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Gosh darn News Reporters

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Well-known member
Jun 13, 2002

I am sick and tired of the God **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**ed media exaggerating every **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**ing thing, especially about aviation, with their so called aviation "experts" who know nothing about aviation what so ever. The story about the America West pilots getting drunk has carried on long enough! Then they want to bring up a NWA pilot who got drunk like 10-15 years ago. The media obviously has nothing **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**ing better to do, other than make it seem as if every pilot is an alcoholic wife beater, with their God **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**ed dramatic voices they all use ... I wonder if they sound like that at home with their families, (if they have a family) because if they do, I would have had a **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**ing bat out by now, beating the **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**ing **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** out of them! -- I am sorry, but had to vent this-- .. All other opinions are welcome! :D
breathe in, now breathe out......good.....have you found nirvana yet?
Man I didn't know there were that many censored words in the english language.

The media only looks for the worst in everything except for them selves.
LOL --- I am sorry for the language .. I just got sick at listening to the media have a whole section with "experts" who try to pass pilots off as being drunks. The media obviously has no idea the money and work it takes for pilots to get to where they are. One simple thing such as that made bigger than it is, causes people not to fly and then effects pilots when the airlines start losing money. I by no means agree with what the two pilots did, it was wrong, but not to the point for the media to get so involved. What about all of the people who get DWIs and DUIs driving everyday, I hear no mention of that on CNN and these other major news networks. It seems that everything that happens in aviation, small or large, the media jumps on and then people stop flying. It is sickening!
Why not just post a :confused: or:mad: or :eek:
Have a good day
Well everything that has to do with aviation is under the microscope these days. We had a 310 do an emergency landing because the pilot window blew out. The news was hear interviewed the little boy with parents consent and all. They even had to do a live update at 600 just to tell everyone what happened.

I heard some one say at one time. If it bleeds it leads. Oh well
Good Point. Why don't they stop picking on pilots and aviation. They don't know anything about what we do anyway.
The media should do a story on passengers. 50% of them act like spoiled kids when they don't get their way or when the slightest thing goes wrong. Yeah, do a story on the demograhics of who complains the most and acts the most like jerks - the rich business man (probably high on the list), the housewife, kids, minorities, whitey, etc.

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