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Good MD-10 Article


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Mar 28, 2002
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ptarmigan said:
Another factor to consider is the relative weights we operate, which are likely a lot higher than other operators. Also, watch those turns when heavy, as that is about the most stress you can put on the gear in any type.

I think ptarmigan has hit at least one nail on the head here. Taxi speeds at FedEx are normally pretty quick, and those turns into the gate at speed are awfully hard on the gear. That kind of stress on the gear over the years at our heavy gross weights has got to to weaken the struts.

Keep in mind I'm only a lowly S/O in the Boeing, but I have been in every a/c we have on j/s rides and followed the big boys into and out of the ramps, and I am just making an observation. I'm not throwing stones in my own house, I am simply asking a question.

Anybody with more experience here have any thoughts about this?


RP 04

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Apr 2, 2005
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Didn't you guys manage to bend a few MD-11's in MNL and Pubic Bay back in -99 (running off the runways)? Also, what happend to the girl that landed with PARK BRK ON in FLL?
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