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Good eats in Jackson Hole....

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Nov 25, 2001
First, this place is great. Jackson is sort of a living postcard, almost surreal.

The runway is at the base of the Grand Tetons. The runway is only 6300 feet, so be careful you don't blow your tires trying to stop...I won't mention the tail number of the Citation that was getting a new set of treads out on the jacks...

There are a number of places the locals say are good and reasonable, but one was both good and inexpensive: Bubba's. On Friday morning, I had a huge Denver omlette with a 6 oz NY strip for just $11. Everything for dinner is good, too.

From the airport, go south into town (Cache St) and turn right on Broadway. In a few blocks, Pearl St comes in from the left, and Bubba's is next to Wendy's, on the right.

No big chain hotels that I saw, but the Flat Creek Motel was not bad, with a view of a mountain meadow.
Well , if you think that was good, make sure you check out lovely Toledo, OH.
While you're there, make sure to spend at least 18 hours at the Fairfield Inn. Complete with cigarette smell, and non-stop highway noise, it's the best thing in town. If you should get hungry, try the Big Boy across the street. It's fairly gross too. And finally, if you have enough energy left, Target is right there for your shopping pleasure. I like it so much, I've decided to go back every week this month. And, with a 10,000' runway, even you could land there!

Try a Billy Burger (or a Betty if you're the petite type). If you're into ground beef, it's a great place to eat.

Billys Giant Hamburgers
55 North Cache Drive
Jackson, WY 83001
Try the Mangy Moose order yourself a bucket of moose chips and a pitcher of beer.
ONLY 6300'? Dude are you flying an SR-71?

Guys are probably barking tires because of the 30 knot crosswind not the runway length.

Seriously. Bubbas is pretty good and cheap but dont forget its BYOB so stop by the liquor store first.
One of the girls at the FBO said that her brother worked at the Mangy Moose, but I didn't want to drive that far. Maybe next time!

No SR-71 for me, but the plane I've had lately has no thrust reversers, just the anti-skid, which works extremely well all things considered.

I was told that the Citation blew the tires from coming in hot, high, and long. I have no idea whether there was any crosswind when he landed, but I can say this: the tower kept us, and serveral other planes above pattern altitude while some Cessnas mosey'd around the field. I told them that we were too high to make a normal landing, and went around for a second approach. I have the feeling that the Citation may have tried to make it in under similar circumstances. Just a guess....

We go to Bubba's a bunch. The city has free busses (van's really) that go all over town. Just hop on and tell them where you want to go and they get you there somehow. Try the Jalepeno BBQ sauce... it's awesome!
No, you guys are missing the absolute best thing about the "Hole"
Drive thru Liquor stores!!!!
Also, did you know that you can drink and drive in wyoming? (At least about 5 years ago when I lived there.) You cant be drunk and you cant do with in the town limits of Jackson. But you can have a beer on the way into town from the airport!!! Helps to get a jump on the nights drunkfest a few minutes early so you dont get nailed the next day!!!

I think that is still the law in cowboyland....wouldnt want to tell a cowboy he cant have a beer....

Never been in there in anything larger than a 172, but the view of Grand Teton is definitely worth flying 100kts or less on the way in. Last time out though, had a crosswind of about 20kts almost 90 degrees to the runway--lots of fun!

Mangy Moose is great for the chips and beer. There is a hotel downtown--I think it is "the Inn at Jackson" (?)--has a famous silver dollar bar and is decorated as an old-time western hotel.

Fun place to fly to--particularly the VFR route from SLC over Bear Lake.
Bubba's is the place to go for breakfast or lunch. I even heard a rumor that the new owner (Bubba sold it last year) owns an airplane.

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