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good carriers for commuting?

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beats working

Active member
Apr 16, 2002
Just curious what airlines (that are currently hiring) would be best (or even acceptable) for commuting from the west coast (SF Bay). I know that commuting is going to suck, I just want it to suck less. It seems like the only outfits doing any decent hiring are east coast based.

There are only 3 flights a day from SF to CVG, so that makes Comair look tough. ACA (Chicago), and ASA (Dallas) are both thoughts of mine, but I'm not really familiar with the options. So based on work rules and domiciles, where would you pick for the commute from SFO/OAK/SAC/SJC?

Feel free to chime in with other carrier advice too. I'm trying to avoid making a big mistake.

Thanks everybody:)
SkyWest, SkyWest, SkyWest...

They might not be currently hiring but don't give up on them yet...
Before judging what carrier you fly for by their how their commuting is, I would first find out about the company and whether it is a good company to fly for. When they ask you 'Why did you chose ______"? they dont want to hear because my ability to commute to my base is easier with you, they want to hear that you actually want to fly for that company because of the company.
Unfortunately the only regionals out west that I can think of would be Skywest and Horizon. And both aren't doing too much hiring.....I suppose Skywest is, but you have to know someone just to get to one of their open houses and even then it seems like they aren't doing too much training at the moment....

Once you start coming east, you then have Mesa, Air Wis, Great Lakes and a few others....but the west is not the land of regionals.......the east is.....

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