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Gold Seal CFI

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I understand that to be a Gold Seal CFI you must hold either insturment ground instructor or advanced ground instructor certificate. If I am a CFII what would be the point of having a instrument grnd instructor cert.??? Why would'nt a CFII be the same??? I can understand why you would want a advanced ground instructor cert., and this is the test I think I should take. Does this sound correct?
You are correct. If you are already a CFII, there is only one benefit you derive from having the IGI or AGI...

The ability to hold a gold seal instructor certificate.

I do not understand the logic of the requirement, but that's the feds for ya.

So I might as well just go for the AGI?.........Heck I need something to do over x-mas.
The way I figure it, its one more thing on a resume. (if they care about it!)
Opps one more thing.......
What exactly is the procedure for getting the AGI after I take my written??? Where can I find this info??? I think that I recall hearing you need to do the 8710 and then take it to the FSDO.
Again you are correct. Just fill out an 8710 and walk into the FSDO (Bring your test results of course). If you also have the pass rate, take 2 8710's and your personal student checkride record, and you can apply for the gold seal at the same time. (that's what I did.) The AGI is a piece of cake. As I'm sure you know, it's the same question bank as the CFI. I don't think anyone gives a rat's behind about whether or not you have a ground instructor certificate... But having the gold seal at least demonstrates that you take your job as a CFI seriously, and that you were at least reasonably successful at it.
So basically the cards that I have that have my students first and last names (no MI) and flight test pass date, and test name, I take those in and viola? Not a prob once I get 6 more. LOL, I only have 4 thus far.
I brought in an Excel spreadsheet with my students. That may be easier than the cards because I think they have to make a copy. They issue a temporary on the spot. I'm not sure if they verify your activity report or not before they issue the permanent cert. It was really very easy. Good Luck!
Go read page 8 of AC 61-65D and you'll find out everything you need to know to get your Gold Seal CFI. I have/had one, but don't recall needing an AGI and/or IGI to get it. Apparently that is a recent requirement.

Brian is right that the two ground instructor writtens are cake, but you do need to study. Just get the ASA or Gleim books for CFI and Instrument to bone up for them.

Getting a Gold Seal is just like going to FSDO to renew based on activity. I always kept my pass/fail record in the back of my logbook. Bring your completed 8710. The OSI will look at your records and have your temporary typed up. It should be 100% painless. I renewed my CFI based on activity twice in Scottsdale, and the inspectors were extremely professional and very courteous.

Good luck! :)
One other advantage of the AGI/IGI certificates is that they don't expire. Just in case you want to teach ground school someday, and you let your CFI expire.
My question still is why do some people have both IGI and AGI, the only thing I can figure is they took the IGI test before the AGI test.....because from what I understand you can teach instrument with the AGI....???

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