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Going deaf in the Boeing

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Dec 3, 2001
I posted this message a few days ago in the 'Buying or Selling' forum but didn't get a response. Anyone have experience with any of these ANR models while flying older jet equipment??? I don't mind spending the money if it will save my hearing in the long run. Thanks.

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Hi all...

Just wondering if there are a few folks out there that have used some of the newer lightweight ANR headsets designed for commercial jets. I'm flying a 'classic jetliner' that was built before the designers cared much about cockpit noise and I'd like to have some hearing left by the time I retire. So far three models are frontrunners in my decision process. They are: Sennheiser 45-KA or 25-KA and Telex ANR 500. My main concerns are being able to hear the other crewmembers while eliminating wind/pack noise and comfort. Any input (good, bad, or indifferent) would be appreciated before I go laying out serious coin for something that I won't be happy with.

Fly safe.

Every ANR headset I bought never worked too well. So I use the company provided earplugs. Plus a headset without ANR over that.

God help me if examiners are ever required to actually use a hearing booth to check your hearing.

Jet headseta


I use a Telex Echelon ANR which is a "regular" headset used for props in our Lear 35 frieght dog hauling checks. As you might guess almost all the insulation has been removed and the tin cargo liner does not make for a quiet cabin. Interestingly neither I nor the guys I fly with use the ANR on our headsets as in a jet it does not really cut any noise. I think the ANR portion uis really made for the low freq. of props. Air noise and engine "whine" seem uneffected by ANR. What we do on our Lear (which does not have installed intercoms) is run a portable Sigtronics intercom with our "regular" headsets. Hands down we love it and would never go back to the "1970's" overhead speakers with just ear plugs in. Once in a while I fly with other crews on their routes without our "setup" and I can hardly hear ACT and hollering at each other all night gets old quick. With our set up we talk in a normal voice and do not miss ACT calls. We even plug in a portable "Discman" for tunes. It sure makes the night go easier. I know it maybe tough convincing some "old salts" into putting on a "regular" headset plugged into a portable intercom (or A/C installed intercom) but if you provide everything for them to just try it I am sure you will get some to agree this really does work.
Good Luck. Someday maybe I will get lucky and wear purple also.

I've got the Sennheisers, I think model 550. I''m very happy with them and can't ever see going back to flying with a non ANR headset.

Check out the above link for the straight scoop on noise. I hear that more pilots loose their medicals for hearing than any other reason.

I have the Sennheiser HMEC25KA-S, and its worth every cent!

Good luck.
I have the Telex 500's... I am looking to get rid of them. I personally do not think they are that good. I am going back to my PA-79's...

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