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GJ Hiring

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I think this post pretty much sums up what kind of support exists out there from the general ALPA public. Good luck fellas ! :rolleyes:

An outstanding summation of the "big picture" no one really wants to face up to...

BenderGonzales said:
ALPA is the real joke here. How many pilots does USAir have on furlough? It numbers in the thousands. And yet they have the gall to say that they "do not condone" these pilots accepting employment with this particular company?

They did the same thing with Freedom Air!

You know what? When ALPA starts paying my mortgage they can tell me where to work. As long as no picket line is being crossed I think ALPA can stick their advice where the sun don't shine.

Why? Because they're hypocrites. They have no problem signing agreements to outsource an ARMADA of 50-100 seat airplanes while thousands of pilots are being furloughed. But god forbid the furloughees try and find employment FLYING one of these 50-100 seat replacement jets!

Sure. The TSA pilots have a point. Their management has created an alter-ego airline in order to whipsaw them into submission.

Yup! I agree 100%. At the same time, however, I believe that management's practice of putting 40,50,70,90+ seat "regional jets" at affiliate carriers is a whipsaw as well! And you know what? ALPA permitted it!! Duane Woerth signed the LOA!!!

I'm not an airline pilot anymore. And things like this make me darned glad.

Somewhere out there is a furloughee from US Airways, or United, or American (TWA) or Delta... He didn't want to accept jets4jobs because you said it was wrong.

He didn't want to accept employment at Republic because you said it's wrong.

He couldn't get hired by Southwest or Jetblue or FedEx because he was one of literally THOUSANDS who were trying to do so and were unsuccessful.

And now his UNION...the one who was supposed to protect HIS job but instead outsourced it has told him that they don't CONDONE him going out and getting the only flying job he could???

I'm raising the B.S. flag. I refuse to cross a picket line. Beyond that ALPA will not govern my career decisions. They lost the ability to make THOSE decisions when they signed on to the company's plan to park DC9s and buy regional-jets flown by pilots who didn't even work for my company...and for a fraction of the pay!!!

You want a whipsaw? Look around! Every Bombardier and Embraer you see is whipsaw.

These MDA guys may be losing their jobs AGAIN. Many of them, furloughed by the same company for a THIRD time. If I were them i'd mail my ALPA wings to Duane in a pretty box with a bow and tell him where to store it.

Ok. Flame away.
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I have a friend who is their now that I just talked to. He said this stuff will go away on it's own, and everyone will eventually forget?
Terry Hunter said:
Got another!

got another what? Idiot thinkning of Hojets. Thats pretty funny these girls think it is just gonna go away. What else is mgt gonna tell them? Good luck ladies
kngarthur said:
I have a friend who is their now that I just talked to. He said this stuff will go away on it's own, and everyone will eventually forget?

ROFL..........LOL........that was freakin hillarious

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