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getting started early for swa

dew pylot

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Jan 18, 2002
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for all of you out there with some experience with swa, i was wondering what the best route of action is to get there in the end. i am working on my com rating and have always dreamed of working for swa. so how would i prepare early for it? any info is appreciated. thanks


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Nov 25, 2001
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Get into the left seat of a turbine a/c as fast as possible, also continue to dream as it will probably come true. It worked for me even after interviewing two times at SWA, but still had SWA as my #1 goal. Good Luck Start on the 28th


Jan 13, 2002
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SWA PreReq's

Also, make sure you have your 4 year degree and build a solid work history and reputation. SWA will be very interested in what previous employers/coworkers think of you - take any job you get seriously enough to do well at it (including being a student) but not so seriously you don't have fun! Especially flying jobs, this is a great bussiness and if you can't have fun towing banners, treaching stalls, etc then you'll find that the destination isn't worth the trip. If, on the otherhand, a C-150 flyby gives you goosbumps, you'll be flying Shamu before you know it!
Good luck! Fly safe!