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Getting checked out in the Baron?/Airnet

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Well-known member
Jan 29, 2002
I guess I'll break in the new Training Forum with a question:

I've discovered an A55 available for rent that doesn't require insane insurance minimums. I need 10 hours of dual, but I meet the other requirements (350TT, IR, 50+ multi). I've checked out the plane and it looks pretty nice. It'd be cool to fly a more capable twin than the Duchess, but at $180/hr - even 10 hours of dual is gonna hurt a little.

My question is this - if I have a desire to fly for Airnet sometime in the future, is having some PIC Baron time going to do anything for me? Are their Barons even going to be around in 5 years (I've heard about the Caravans)? At the moment I've been having fun in the Duchesses and building time, but was thinking about using Airnet as an excuse to justify the extra 40 bucks per hour to putz around in the Baron.

Whaddya think - move up, or stick with the Duchess?
just get the multi pic time. any actual will help out a lot. none of the guys in my class had anything close in terms of a baron. i've heard of guys with tons of baron time that didn't get hired.

good luck
Thanks, jaybird. I'm working on the actual! Just passed a whole whopping 10 hours in it! Heh!

If Airnet doesn't care, I'll probably just stick with the Duchesses.
bigD, Where is it that you live that you can find all these twins to rent solo? In Northern New England it requires the use of a firearm to gain unescorted access to a twin.
lol Cardinal - I fly in central Texas. Basically there are three twins at the various airports that are somewhat reasonable to get checked out in. There's a place that rents three Duchesses near me, and another place that has an A55 and a Seneca I. On all of these, the key is to have the 50 hours of multi, and then they're 10 hours in type. Total requirements are usually around 300 hours and an instrument rating.

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