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General SWA stuff..

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001

Whats going on guys and gals..?
Nice to see some new faces in the pool..Hang in there!!

First off i need to say that SWA just plain rocks..My first few trips have been a freakin blast..You do more before six a.m than the Army guys!!!

Lets see..Unload and reload a plane full of people and i do mean FULL..,bag o gas,a ton of peanuts,copy clearance,stuff the boxes,do the OPC,make nicey with the folks,take a pee,turn #1 we outta here,all in 20 minutes..Arrrrgggghhhhh!!! Yee haaaaaaa..

PHX reserves seem to fly during the first part of the month due to over lap..Almost everybody flys the first reserve block of the month..About 50% of the reserve blocks will fly for the month over all so you will be in the crash pad less than half of your days on reserve at the worst right now..
They will release you on your last day after ten hours of duty if they havnt called you out..If you get AM reserves that means the difference in getting home or not on your last day of reserve..

Some folks have asked about BWI..
BWI is about to have a major expansion in June and have plans to increase to 300 flights per day..Plans are in the works to double the size of the base this year..BWI wont be a problem to get in a short time here soon..

A buddy of mine in the first class in 02 just got BWI..He had OAK for his hard line the first month..PHX the second month..BWI for his third..

I had OAK for my first month,PHX for my second,MDW for my third,and its looking like i can plan on BWI in my fourth month..Not to shabby!!

There arnt any crash pads at all in OAK..Plenty in PHX for around 130 to 160 per month..Lots in MDW for about 110 to 120 right next to the airport..

MDW is about the best commute out there with lots of flights to everywhere and if SWA cant get you there then take to train to ORD and take your pick..

Hang in there guys..The wait has got to be tough on all of you and i know its hard to feel like you are special right now..

But..trust me when i say that you are and its well worth the wait..

Be well

Blown opportunity at SWA?

I had an interview scheduled at Southwest for 27 Sep last year. Bought the suit, got the cool tie, used Mouzambique in Arizona, the whole nine yards. Interview was cancelled mid September with a " sorry, we have no idea when we can interview you". Stop loss kicks in, I have three years on station in the AF, gotta take an assignment ASAP or risk being given a crummy one. So I take a two year assignment. Availability changed from July of this year to November of next year. Lo and behold, Lindsey calls me in January and says " We have a new interview date for you - in two weeks." Now, do I come clean and be honest with Southwest, telling them I am now not available until the following year or keep my mouth shut, go to the interview, and beg forgiveness if hired?? I chose the honest approach and asked if I could still interview. She chuckled and said, "sorry buddy, try again later". Will all the info I have sent you already be saved in a file I ask her - she replies " you will have to start the entire process over again." OUCH!!!!!
So my question to you Mike and all other SWA folks in the "know"...... should I re-apply right now, should I re-apply this Nov when I am 1 year out, when I do re-apply should I call Lindsey Lang personally and asked to be moved to the top of the interview list since I was "at the top" once before?
The entire thing just makes me fell sick to my stomach.... help.


Sorry to hear about your deal there dude!!

Try to remember that these things have a way of working themselves out !!

About your question..

The fact that you told the truth about your situation will i feel down the road be in your favor..I would apply one year out like you said and then attach a letter followed up by a phone call that details your first attempt to interview..

Never ever try to get around their system by being less than truthful..They always seem to find out and then you are good and truly screwed!!

I know for a fact that they do try to work with the military folks that have been impacted by 911 so telling your side of the story if presented in a positive and truthful manor can only help..

If you really want to work for SWA then go out today and get yourself scheduled for a 737 type to improve your chances later on..With SWA being about the only major hiring now its getting tougher to get a class date and in some cases the schools are booked half a year in advance..

But lets say for just a moment that you dont want to get the type just yet..
Its been running between 3 to 6 months to get an interview without the type on average..If you applied about a year out and it did take 6 months to get the call to interview that would still give you six months to get the type... which also happens to be the amount of time they will give you to get it if you get thru the process..

The other side of the coin is that those with a type get the call much faster than those without..

I guess it comes down to how competitive you want to be and how fast you want to go and interview..

I hope this helps and feel free to PM with any questions..


Just wanted to say thanks for your input the other month when I was making a decision on training investment.

I just finished the type a few weeks ago.

The clock has started on how long it takes to get the call WITH the type. I can't wait to find out.


Good for you..
Timing is everthing and i think yours is great..


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