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General Aviation at DCA

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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2002
I was at Washington National yesterday and saw a King-Air 200 taking off. I was under the impression that DCA was still closed to general aviation. I didn't see any other GA aircraft in the two hours I was there. Was this just a very influential senator or is the airport open to GA now?
Army King Airs

The U.S. military has a few King Airs. I know that there are several Army King Airs and there are a few that are registarted to the Department of the Airforce in Layton Utah. I wouldn't bet the whole entire farm on your King Air being a military aircraft, but I would say it is possible.

If it was Tuesday it was probably a military bird. Some BS at the Pentagon had folks from all over the place there; we flew a charter into IAD, caught a ride over to Crystal City, then the metro to the Smithsonian and killed off the day.

Anyone tried the chilidogs at the Smithsonian café?

I dunno what was more expensive the fuel ticket at IAD or lunch at the Smith…

Don't know the answer to the question, but I did see Tom Ridge going through the terminal on 8/28 as my crew and I were arriving a little after one pm. He had about a dozen secret service agents with him, who didn't do anything to make him inconspicuous. That's how I and my crew noticed him. Otherwise, He would've been just another suit to me. Anyways, this was also in the USAirways Pier at DCA. Might be what you saw.


What a place huh? I really like the D.C. area. When you are there you can almost sense the power. The smithsonian is great. I have some fond memories of a vacation there a few years ago. Really super place.

We went through the white house, I was standing in the blue room and looked out and saw some massive rotors turning on the south lawn . It was marine one dropping off the president, it was really neat. Our secret service escort said "I have learned not to compete with the helicopter".

Have a great one,


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