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G-V takeoff/landing distance

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Poor Flight Instructor
Feb 12, 2002
Me and some of the guys i work with at an FBO in the Kansas City area are having an argument. I was hoping someone on this board might be able to help. I had a guy come into the airport the other day sayin one day next month there was a Gulfstream V coming in to drop people off and stay the night. We have a 4100 foot long runway thats like 75? feet wide. The little books we have at work say it can land, but not take back off. I say that at the right weights, it could probobly get back off the ground. Can anyone settle this? Thanks

Don't exactly know what a GSV is but on many occasion the(so says the former CFI) owner of Maple Lake, MN FBO (Bill Mavencamp Jr.) has landed a Gulf and takin off, don't ask me how

Maple Lake Mun (MGG)1028' 2796x60:eek:
another related hypothetical question:

What would happen if a plane had to make an emergency landing at a field that was too small for it to take off from? I'm sure this must have happened before. Do they break it down for parts and truck it out?

Sorry it's kind of a random question, but it's late and I need sleep :)
A number of years ago, a 727 landed by mistake at Ormond Beach outside of Daytona. Well, pretty short runways, but they were able to get it stopped. In order to get it out, they suppossedly had to remove all the seats and as much other dead weight as possible. The only other option would have been to take the wings off and truck it out.
United donated a 727 to the Chicago Natural History and Science Museum. There is a picture of it landing at Meigs, before it was shipped over to the museum. It was stripped empty before ferrying it over to Meigs... and it touched down ON THE NUMBERS.

As well, Eastern Airlines use to fly a 727 out of Key West. The calls were, set thrust, V1....
GV takeoff distance

When the company that I was working for was looking at a GV I had the opprotunity to dig into the numbers. This was a while back so not sure how accurate the memory is.
We determined that we could go non-stop to Europe from a 4700' strip on an 80 degree day with 8 pax. That GV was an impressive bird. I would be more concerned about the 75' width as the gear was pretty wide, ans you needed some width in the taxiways to make it around the corners.


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