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furloughed ual hired by usa 3000

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Dec 22, 2001
Got the call Dec 26 for january 9 class date at usa 3000 flying out of chicago on the Airbus 320. They just got their cert from the FAA on Dec 21. Upgrade time is about six months for our class or when the 5th plane comes in the fall. I guess that 320 experience at United paid off. I know I am one lucky guy since this is the only interview I have even been able to get after sending out close to 400 resumes in two months for any and every job opening I've seen.
It will be a nice new year!!!
Any luck on the USA 3000 Gouge?

Any luck on the US3 gouge?
I have an upcoming interview and can find nothing.
There are a couple of people on this board that say they have had the interview and are hired. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Good luck to the others that have yet to interview.

One of our furlouged US Airways pilots reported he had an interview with USA3000 and things were moving along nicely until they discovered he was not willing to resign his #. That pretty much ended the interview.
Congratulations. On your job.

It is really nice to be able to feed your family again.

They are a start up airline and probably need all the money that they can get. Will you show them the same consideration that they showed you. Or will you take their money and run back to united (the airline that kicked you out on the street). It will be an interesting thing to watch.

Gloom and Doom

I find it shocking that an airline pilot w/type rating and over 7200 hours has to send out over 400 resumes before getting a job. A job at a start-up that is. There's job security.

If this guy can't get a job, no one is getting a job!! Unless you pay for your own training of course.

How many apps do you think these new airlines, JetBlue and USA3000 have? I'll bet JetBlue has over a thousand.

How many pilots did Air-Inc. say would be hired this year? I scoff.

I wonder if I have the stomach to be a professional pilot?

Hey NYC41, what's your story? 9000 hours and type rating and asking for interview gouge!!
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UAL number

I heard a rumor that UAL guys were getting two opportunities to resign their number. Basically resign once to get another job and then when, (or should I say if) UAL comes back and starts to recall, they call everyone and ask for a second letter to confirm if
they really want to bail. Anyone else here this?
future intentions

Hey nightrider,

It's a dog eat dog world!
They didn't hire him as a personal favour, they did it because he (forgive me if it's a "she") is already experienced in the aircraft and obviously has lots of other experience which is important when upgrade time is only 6 months.

Its up to them to make it so a pilot doesn't want to leave, and if they do leave then thats just one of the costs of doing business.

Youv'e obviously been around long enough to know that there are no guarantees in aviation,but at least it's a pay check and he always has United to fall back on.(nice backup!)

4 Thousand might be a closer number to what Jetblue and Air Tran companies have on hand.

The fact is that it has little to do with their time or type. Furloughees for the big 4 have little chance of getting hired compared to others.

I did a study on UPAS members once and the average was 3600 hours so at half were well above that and with a ton of jet and heavy jet time during the period when pilots were supposedly hard to find.

Makes me grateful I am employed. FedEx was a great choice. Hard to ingest everything I have read on this post. Guess the late nights aren't such a big deal anymore? Huh?
Compared to others

I did not say could not, I said would not compared to others.

Some will not take them at all. Some will say no problem and still not take them. Two people with comparative levels of skill and times and they are going to take the one who does not have a senority number at a big 4 compared to one who does not.

Fedex is an example-- so would be Netjets although they have taken some.
My apologies to anyone that mis-took my short message. I was just tired of everyone slamming FedEx. Since 9/11, I have assisted 15 people (most referred by pilot friends at other majors) get interviews at FedEx and Flight Options. Just about each is now employed or in a pool. If it was in my control, there would not/never be an umployed pilot in this country! We are hired 45 more thru July. Keep updating every 30 days (per Kim Daniels).