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Fuel Prices Affecting Training?

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Well-known member
Jun 10, 2005
I'm just curious if you guys think that the current shift in fuel prices will significantly affect flight training in the near future. My FBO has added a $5 per hour fuel surcharge on all single engine rentals. Is this going to lead places like DCA and others to raise their tuition prices? As such, do you think this might lead to a decrease in enrollment? I imagine that if someone shells out the money for a place like DCA, that an additional $5k or something won't make that much of a dent. I'm considering building the ratings and was just wondering what to expect.
The flight school I worked at had a surcharge for fuel also. If the student got gas where it was cheaper than the homefield the surcharge was waived.
It is now cheaper for me to rent a $200 an hour airplane, including fuel, and fly to a nearby destination versus putting gas in the car and spending 3 hours driving.

Our training fleet is growing, but with more efficient and fast airplanes. I haven't seen any slow down at all.

Jedi Nein
We have still been busy but I ate the last two fuel increases. We will have to add a surcharge if it goes up anymore. Fuel prices are up everywhere so I think people understand there will be increases.
We raised our prices for the second time this year. (I am not a big fan of surcharges, fees, etc. so when the price of fuel goes up, i raise the rental rate).

Funny thing is the people who complained about the price increase the most are the people who have the most amount of money. :)

Jedi, what are the "more fuel efficient aircraft"? I would like to know..

Interestingly enough, my Tomahawks that burn 25% less fuel per hour are burning twice as much fuel per month compared to my Warriors.. I guess people like the cheap(er) rental prices..
The current fuel surcharges at the flight school I train at are as follows: $3/hr C152, $4/hr C172, $5/hr C172RG, and $10/hr Duchess. Yeah it sucks, and this is in Oklahoma, where gas is as cheap as it gets.

Before I left for the sand, they moved prices up $5 per hour. Now, i am coming home in a couple of weeks and cant wait to see what it will be now. Good thing I make all this money over here.
FlyingToIST said:
Jedi, what are the "more fuel efficient aircraft"? I would like to know..

The new Cirrus SR22, 16,500', 175 knots true, sipping fuel at 16.5 gph, pull it back to best economy and now it's around 11 gph and 180 knots. I can't get that in the T210s.

Jedi Nein

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