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Frontier guys: Could have had a SWA seniority number tonight

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Apr 16, 2004
Curious to hear from the few Lynx/Frontier guys on the board. You guys came within minutes of getting actual SWA seniority numbers, but your union said, "no thanks".

Was that a good thing, or a bad thing?
To my friends at Frontier, I am sorry. I cannot believe that your leadership is taking you down this road. I hope you voted that this was the direction the membership wanted. It is one thing to try to call someones bluff. From what I am reading FAPA acted like they had a royal flush, too bad it was a pair of two's. Good luck!
Why? Because the stood up for their LEGAL rights? That's what Unions are for.
I'm Lynx.. so there is no doubt that we stood to have by far the most to gain, but I'm really unhappy right now. Sadly we don't have a voice at all so there isn't much to do but hope they come to their senses. I honestly think this is the best deal for the F9 pilots as well...
There's got to be more to this than what we are hearing. Does anyone know what the status is? Has the extension been granted by the judge... or is this deal off?
Amazing how pilots act when seniority is at stake...
We shall continue to be managements tools for as long as aircraft require pilots!!
The nice thing about this potential merger is finally the West/East debacle will take rear seat.....
Good luck boys/girls, you are about to enter the SPIN ZONE!!!
Let the games begin...

The time has come for a NATIONAL SENIORITY LIST!!!!
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Hopefully the F9 membership made it clear to their reps that they would accept nothing less than relative integration. I think it is interesting that over 200 of their pilots (a little over a third of their pilot force) had apps in at SWA. That means that they had guys over there willing to take a staple. And that's without pay protection! I am not trying to come off as arrogant but I don't believe F9 had the kind of leverage to make demands to SWAPA. Good luck to all the F9'ers. Let's hope the Judge grants an extension so your voices can be heard. If not, thank your reps for protecting their seats (I bet they were all Capts.) and throwing the majority of the F9's under the bus.

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