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The proud, the few
Jun 26, 2004
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This really is amazing... It's extremely hard for me to believe that ad is real, but from what you guys say historically there have been suckers that will go for this job. Somebody said this could be a good fit for somebody? Perhaps, but this looks like a miserable situation. You'd be basically living with cheap rich people, tutoring spoiled children, and flying their jet around when lucky. Probably forced to stay at the Motel 6 on trips too!!

I think this is one of many reasons that young, aspiring pilots should not put all their eggs in one basket. If you go to one of the pilot mills and major in everything aviation, you're setting yourself up to be forced into making some very bad decisions. However, if you have a degree in something else and get ratings via FBOs, I believe you're able to develop your side career, become a good CFI that is not rushed (i.e. a timebuilder), and most importantly pick and choose your next steps in aviation.

I'm in my late 20s and am employed as a professional engineer. Though I am still young and relatively inexperienced, I know what it means to be a professional person. More importantly, I feel that a professional person is treated as such. Those pilots that make huge compromises beyond CFI hardly seem like pros to me, and I cannot understand the mentality. I love flying, and I've wanted to be involved with the industry since I was a child. But I'm not going to compromise my self respect for it, nor do I think I will have to when moving up the ranks.

Jul 10, 2004
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My Buddy lost his job working tthis company in Naples. He was getting $60 a year flying sic. The a$$ running this deal feels a couple of $15000 a year is cheaper than a full time well quallified safe pilot. The guy flying is idiot with a guaranted reservation in the ntsb reports.