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Frequently Asked Airline Merger Questions...


Freight Dawgs Rule
Dec 17, 2003
Total Time
From the East Valley Tribune, the most Frequently Asked Questions on Airline Mergers...

Business Update
Airline merger Q&A
September 27, 2005
Here are some frequently-asked questions about the merger.

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Q: Where and how do I book my reservations after the merger?
A: Continue to book with the airline you typically dealt with before the merger.
The Web sites will operate separately in the short term, as will the two airline’s reservations systems.

Q: Where do I check in after the merger?
A: Your ticket will indicate which airline operates your flight — check in with that airline if you are flying from an airport served by both America West and US Airways. Airport signs will be in place to direct you as well.

Q: How do I change existing reservations?
A: For e-tickets, you can make changes online at the airline from which you bought the tickets. Or, call reservations at the airline listed as the operating carrier on your ticket.

Q: What will happen to my frequent flyer miles?
A: Miles from both programs earned both before and after the merger will be honored. Customers with a membership in both programs will have unused miles automatically combined next year under the new Dividend Miles program.

Q: Where can I earn and burn miles?
A: Members will be able to accrue miles under either program. To redeem miles, Dividend Miles members must do so through US Airways, FlightFund members through America West.

Q: Will destinations on America West be available for Dividend Miles awards and vice-versa?
A: Yes, as markets become available through code-share arrangements between the two airlines. All frequent flyer features will be consolidated under one program early next year.

Q: Can I still check in online?
A: In the short term, check in online with the same airline from which you purchased your ticket. When codesharing begins between the two airlines, you may be redirected. Since you may check in online up to 24 hours in advance of your flight, allow some extra time in case you are redirected.

Q: Can I still check in with selfserve kiosks?
A: Yes, using kiosks matching the airline from which you purchased your tickets.