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Freedom A List question

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Waiting on Dec 13, 2012
May 2, 2004
A USAirways east pilot is running for USAPA Exec VP. While furloughed from USAir, he was hired at Freedom on Jan 6, 2003. According to McDudu -

"Steve got trained and then got fired for refusing to Fly the line at Freedom while being at the time furloughed from Usair."

That is his defense. His name is on the Freedom A List - do you consider him to be a sc@b or not? He was hired, got a free type rating, and then decided to quit. Surely, as an ALPA pilot he knew the circumstances about Freedom.

Just because he is/was an "ALPA" did not mean he knew what was going on there. If he did stand his ground and was terminated, he has a leg to stand on. Even if he didn't and wasn't aware but left when he could, I am still sympathetic.
he cost them (mesa) 20K + in training fees then refused to fly the line. looks like he is a better union pilot than all of us put together.
Things that make you go hmmmmm!

The following is from the December 18, 2002 US Airways MEC code-a-phone:

“The MEC directed the MEC officers and Negotiating Committee to inform US Airways management that the MEC ... objects to any potential or contemplated code sharing arrangement with Freedom Air unless its pilots are represented by ALPA. The US Airways MEC supports the actions of ALPA International’s Executive Council and Executive Board in opposing the formation of Freedom Air as a non-union entity, and directed that all furloughed US Airways pilots be notified of the Executive Board, Executive Council and MEC’s opposition to Freedom Air.

Any pilot on the US Airways seniority list that accepts employment with Freedom Air will lose all US Airways MEC-sponsored ALPA privileges, including but not limited to jumpseat, health insurance, web access, furlough administrator access, and ALPA-provided job search programs. If applicable, the US Airways MEC will file Article VIII charges against any US Airways seniority list pilot accepting or remaining in employment with Freedom Air after February 1, 2003, for engaging in action detrimental to the Association.”
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yeah but then 3 years later ALPA had no problem telling MDA furloughs to get jobs with Gojets. whatever ALPA.
If you are on the Freedom A list you knew what was happening at the time. The Mesa MEC when to the training house and told all the Freedom ground schools that what they where doing was wrong and hurting the Mesa pilots chances to get a better contract. It's that simple!
yeah but then 3 years later ALPA had no problem telling MDA furloughs to get jobs with Gojets. whatever ALPA.

Where is the Gojets A list? Who cares people. The guy was at USair before going to Freedom for crying out loud. Does that mean that USair hired a potential scab???? This scab word gets tossed around too often, at the end of the day working for an airline that supposedly undercuts another pilot group is not being a scab. If that was the true definition then we would all be scabs.
Instead of the S word, I think the correct term would be union buster! It seems they effectively broke the negotiating power of the MESA union.

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