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Fractionals and furloughed pilots?

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Well-known member
Feb 11, 2002
Posted this same question on the regional side but am not sure if there's much cross-traffic between the boards.

Are there any fractionals that will consider hiring a furloughed pilot without requiring them to resign their seniority? I have a BE40/MU30 type, so I was thinking Raytheon might be a possibility.

I am the most junior furloughed pilot at United, so it's going to be a while. Content to wait it out, but if there's a chance to fly, I want to pursue it.

Im pretty sure netjets makes you resign your number, but im not sure about the others. Even if you are the most junior guy, that probably wont matter to the company. I think the company will be worried about you bailing out on them, therefore they have to eat the price of training.

Granted, you might be there long enough to offset the training cost, but i dont think there are many, if any at all, that wont make you resign your number.

RTA no longer exists. FO, LLC will not hire any pilots that are on furlough. There are plenty of pilots available, so why would they hire somebody they know will be gone as soon as the mother ship calls?
Well, I guess that shows how long I've been out of the loop (first baby will tend to do that). After I posted last night I saw that Raytheon and FO had become one and felt a little sheepish.

I guess the real question should be are there any fractionals that will let me sign a training contract? I would sign one up to three years with no qualms. Comes down to supply/demand though, and I imagine there are enough pilots our there that they don't want to mess with someone who's not going to be long-term loyal.

I just interviewd with NJA a few days ago. I am not furloughed, but there were pilots from Emery, Midway and USAirways on furloughed. NJA, at least, gave them a chance to interview. None of the guys mentioned any questions by the interviewers regarding, furlough, ,recall or resignation of seniority.
As I understand though, right now, NJA does not even send out apps, even with letters of recommendation.
Good luck!
Wow!..2300 hours civilian at UAL?
EMB145 said:
Wow!..2300 hours civilian at UAL?

I was thinking the same thing. Netjets mins are 2500 TT, no exceptions, and you do have to resign seniority.

EMB145, how did the interview go? I hope to see you on line soon.

I interned at United while I was at Purdue. With an internship you get increased priority for an interview...it's not a guaranteed interview or a guaranteed job.

You can PM me if you're curious for more details...

In theory NetJets wants you to resign your seniority. However this seems to be an ignored issue currently. I've talked to several furloughed guys here on this issue and they say that Netjets has said nothing to them on this at all. There are folks in my Indoc class with seniority numbers at various majors (USAir, United, etc) and they have not had any pressure at all on this.

It's more likely to be an interview type question regarding your career goals and what your intentions are. i don't think they really care if you resign a seniority or not at this point. Regardless of your furlough status it has no effect on the 2 year commitment you must sign to repay training costs if you do leave. On this I think they are serious and will enforce it.
I was an Intern also for United, graduated from ERAU, but you are wrong about 1 thing, the internship guarantees the interview, but not the job, when I did the Internship they said that you get 2 free interview chances, then you are on your own, I put my app in and got an invite in 2 weeks, got hired, was put in the pool, then 9/11 came along, lucking for me that I did not quit my current job, in fact, I might just stay where I am, I enjoy flying fractional, and pay is going up and I would rather not go to United anyway anymore, they hit their retirement peak, I was also in Delta's pool and hope that they will call me when thay start up again, they plan on retiring over 4000 between 2010-2020, united already passed that, but then again I might just stay put, I have a great job, but good luck anyway

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