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Dec 18, 2001
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Re: Slight Overreaction

CCDiscoB said:
Please tell me Net Jet pilots are not like this guy.

This was hidden in another thread. He continued to go off. This guy strikes me as one of those Sky Nazi geeks that everyone rolls their eyes at.

Alright CC, you are absolutely right about me being a ski nazi geek. That is my so called personality. For those that actually know me and my personality I'd be willing to bet any amount of money that they would all laugh at that one. First of all do you actually think that pilots are the only ones that read this board? No not at all. Second use your brain, four pilots have lost their jobs due to getting caught drinking. USA is one of the few countries that actually make their pilots do any sort of drug and alcohol testing. Hell a buddy of mine at BA can drink wine with his dinner in the aircraft. Would you say that because four pilots get caught drunk at the airport there might be a little tension and a little negative attitude towards pilots because of this? How many of you want to have to blow in a tube before starting the engines? Think it couldn't happen? Well I'd wadger that it could. Already we are getting drug and alcohal tested, whats to stop them from making us use a blow test before every flight? Do you think the technology is not readily available? I don't want to start my day by doing this. I'm all up for having a beer at the end of the day or one its many flavorfull companions, however I'm not about to lose my job over it. At NJA the rule is 12 hours, if there is a 10 hour turn and you have a drink within that time and get caught then you are fired. That is the rule when a pilot comes here. It might not be fair or logical, it is simply the rule.

If you are curious about life on the road and have serious questions about NJA then ask away. If you are gonna post something rediculous on the board about drinking on the road. Then keep those questions to yourself. I don't care to hear someone make pilots look foolish, stupid or irresponsible to the general public and to fellow pilots. Hell you did an affective job making yourself look stupid. You have slammed me which is fine and called me a coward for not signing the end of my posts. I'll go ahead and sign at the end of this one. This way when it comes time for you to blackball me at the majors it will make it very easy for you.

Sparky Harris
Chicago, MDW

Come and get me CC.


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Nov 25, 2001
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Trust me.

8vATE said:
Not sure where the one poster comes up with commuters
flying 10-12 legs... 4-7 legs a day unless you're doing some
sort of island shuttle maybe.....the 21,000 a year is not far off
for starters though...

8vATE, I flew the BE-1900 for USAir Express / FL Gulf in the mid 1980s,
based in the Florida panhandle. Our typical week day run was 4-6 legs.
The week-end shift had a 10 leg day, and a 12 leg day. It was horrible.
(We were a Mesa carrier.)
I'm glad the hear that things seem to be a little "saner" for commuter
pukes these days. When I did it I felt like sky slave.
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