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Frac or Regional...pro's /con's to both?

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J bar

Active member
Dec 23, 2001
I've heard only wonderful things about the fractionals right now. Can someone give some heads up to the down side to the fractionals or is it all that good? I've got to build some more time and I'm not sure where I want to end up when the dust settles from economy slump. Airlines or Frac Both sides would be great to hear from. Thanks for the input.
I have been at EJA for 4 years and have nothing but good things to say about the fractional life. I personally wouldn't consider a regional as opposed to flying here.

Check out all of the fracs you are interested in. Talk to every crew you see in the FBO. Ask about quality of life, crew bases, crew food, types of hotels, time off, how many aircraft types, perks, etc.

Prior to coming to EJA I was flying charter/corp. Each EJ crew I ran into, I picked their brain about the company. I never heard a negative thing, so I sent in my app.

No regrets.

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