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Forget Flying, Drive a Truck!


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Mar 6, 2005
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A good friend of mine paid $500 to get a class D drivers license and now drives a dump truck building highways.
$18/hr to start. 40 hrs a week. Home every night.
And plenty of overtime at time and a half if he wants it. Do the math...Doesn't make a lot of sense to spend anywhere from 30-100k on flying.
Airline management needs to wake up cause the shortages are right around the corner.

That is the truth of it. If you look at what aviation demands of its people vs. what it pays them, then no one in their right mind would go into it. But to many people, that view from the flight deck has too much appeal to ignore. They make unbelievable sacrifices, that they would not make for any other profession, for the opportunity to fly an airplane.