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? for Lear pilots, or those who clean

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Active member
Nov 30, 2001
Is there an easy way to clean the glare shield down at the side of the front window? On the 55s we fly there is a collection of gunk down there. We got the big pieces out with a rag attached to a paint stirrer. There are still some smears down there though that the boss doesn't like! Anyone have a tip? I think we may just have to wait for the 12 yr for easy access when they rip her to shreds!

the boss does not like the bugs or smears stuck way down in the windshield???
I bet a Learjet service center could ground the plane for a few days, take it apart, and clean it perfectly.!!
Thats a tough spot to reach, tell him to buy a new plane, they dont come with bugs!!

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