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FOQA Programs

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Living The Dream!
Apr 29, 2002
Do any of you run a FOQA program? If so, I will be interested to know some of the following:

Who manages your data? Do you do it in house or use a 3d party vendor?

How often do you download the data from the aircraft?

How do you use the data?

Do you remove the information that could ID a crew from the data?

Has your legal department given you any guidance on the use of this data?

How many aircraft do you have in the program?

Well, we are getting one, so this 91 operator will have one. I guess we will be the first?
I know of a North East operator that just took delivery of two 550's that plans to use it, large Fortune company.

We looked into it, if I remember correctly Gulfstream wanted around $18k for the FOQA mod then wanted an additional $6k a year for the data processing and reports (per aircraft).

A buddy of mine told me that Dassault is charging $50k for the mod for the 7x
I believe there are several active pt 91 operations using FOQA. Altria kicked off a pilot program back in 2006.

Dassault wants $100K to add the QAR to one of our 900Easy aircraft. Flight Safety Foundation runs a FOQA program through Austin Digital. Thanks for the responses.
Isn't FOQA part of the Stage 3 Certification of IS-BAO? If so, I can see why only a handful have made it to stage 3.
I just looked at ASC 071 for the 550 and price is $10,000.00 and the first subscription is for 24 mos. It doesn't list the subscription price but $6,000.00 sounds correct. We installed ours about a year and a half ago so haven't hit the renewal yet. The data that you get is very detailed. We have discussed the few items it has captured and have justified the situatuation of each occurance. It's actually a great training tool.

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