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Focus Air Cargo Questions

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Captain Monkey Suit

Well-known member
Sep 26, 2005
Hi guys...I'm going to be chatting with Focus Air Cargo and need to get the scoop before I go. The problem is, the company is new...so other than basic facts on their website...I know nothing. I had heard rumors of "pay for training"...I don't buy that; and won't for that matter. What do you guys know and think? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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There is a few Focus threads on these here pages.

Search around and should find them.

In a nut-shell, no pay for training.
Focus has plenty of money in the bank.
They have big plans to expand and be the 200 lb gorilla in the ACMI business.
They are trying to re-invent the wheel when it comes to bidding and seniority and such.
Well, F/Es may be in short supply these days.

Therefore the Embry Riddle Interns coming to Focus as F/Es after a year of dispatching.
Time will tell on Focus.....I hope they have a lot of bananna's in the bank (which I hear 350 million) so that will make a pretty big gorilla if they do it right.
What is the address of the website for Focus? I tried searching on google and it didn't pull up anything except a charter company. For the sake of my integrity I sure as heck hope it isn't something like www.focusaircargo.com!!!


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