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flying with wisdom teeth out

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relief tube

Well-known member
Jan 24, 2003
for those that have had "impacted" wisdom teeth removed while having the flying job, how long do you recommend being away from the cockpit, seeing that we have one of those jobs where you have to be "with it."

Also, just curious how much to expect to pay, before insurance deductions, for all 4 out?

Thanks in advance.
I recovered fast. 20 minute surgery and 3 days off was plenty. Bust out the old Credit card, and deduct it on your taxes under medical.
I'd give myself about 3 days after the surgery. Sometimes a clot or dry socket can form and you don't want to be away from your oral surgeon if that happens, albeit not a frequent problem.

My daughter had hers out about a year ago and it was about $800 for all four.
I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed and was only off work for that day. Told the dentist I needed to be back in the airplane ASAP. He put a couple of stitches in (which they normally don't do) and said have at it. You might try asking about that.

My one tooth was $240, so Draginass is right on the price.
While I was coherent and able to work days after the surgery (I'd say 3 days would be plenty), I had more of a problem finding food I could eat. Anything too tough or crunchy was trouble. Seeing as how we're pretty reliant on restaurant food and such, I'd bring the majority of my meals your first trip or so. Make sure you have plenty of food that's easy to chew.
I had 4 impacted one removed at one shot. I was knocked out cold with the happy gas... i think it took 30 minutes to pull 'em out. I did get stitches that disolved on their own. I was given a note to stay home as long as i needed to, but after 3 days I was 100% and back on my run.

One word of warning though... my first night back to work, i picked up one of those Chipotle Burritos on the way to the airport for an inflight dinner.....no, not what 'yer thinking...."diahrea in a freighter" did not occur.... instead, a damned piece of burrito-rice got lodged in the hole where one of the bottom teeth were. so anoying........ good foods are ice cream, applesauce, and anything soft. good luck!
I had 2 impacted and removed. Was back to work after one day off. Its a bit tricky eating but thats about it. I was fine. Just dont take your pain meds and youll be ok.
heywatchthis said:
I recovered fast. 20 minute surgery and 3 days off was plenty. Bust out the old Credit card, and deduct it on your taxes under medical.

Wait... you can deduct medical stuff for the job?
I just spent like almost $1000 for first class medical, contacts, eye exam, and glasses. Can that all be deducted?

I have astigmatism so my contacts are expensive.
GAs or drugs?

I'm thinking about getting my wisdom teeth pulled out.

1) family friend DDS can do it - laughing gas (plus factor = trust)

2) Oral surgeon - stranger - drugs/sedation ( minus...might not wake up)

what did u all go with?
Oral surgeon. Let them knock you out.

When I got mine out, I remember the knocking out in the office, then next thing I know I'm in bed at home. Didn't remember waking up in the office or the drive home at all. I had 2 valium to take the night before, and 2 the morning of. That might have had something to do with not remembering anything. You might want to try it.

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