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Flying in the Virgin Islands

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Jan 5, 2004
I guess I may be flying freight in the US Virging Islands soon. Anybody knows what to expect? what's life down there like? Any tips?
Anybody knows what to expect? what's life down there like? Any tips?

Yeah, it can be cool in the Virgin Islands if ya like the tropics and water sports, like sailing and diving, etc.

Other than that it is expensive and frustrating 'cause of the "Island Factor".
Also some racism towards the white minority and pay is usually low because some folks love to live in Paradise.

I did the VI stuff for 3 years and enjoyed it, but after a while it wears out:
Like flying 120 hours a month with no A/P or A/C.

St. Thomas is a tourist machine with rush-hour bumber to bumber traffic and high prices.
St. Croix is a bit more laid back and can be pleasant, St. John is the jewel in the USVIs, but there is no airport there and commuting on the ferry boats can be difficult.

Plenty of guys come down from the mainland to build time and get twin/turbine flying jobs, some stay, but most are gone in a year or two.
High turn-over and fast upgrades can be expected.
Same with the local "Airlines", they come and go.

Make sure ya read a book called "Don't stop the Carnival" before ya go down there.

My experience may be dated and perhaps things have changed down there, but I doubt it.

World class sailing and diving has not changed however.:cool:
Roger that.

Which island and airline are ya looking at?

(PM for secret stuff) ;)
I am currently looking for a new island job. Any help would be appreciated. My number one choice would be Seaborne. Number two, Caribbean Sun? I would love to find out more about smaller operators. Unfortunately, time is not of the essence on finding a new job. It needs to be commutable from St. Croix. Flight info has been there in a pinch before, hopefully it can help now.
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So you boys live on and commute from STX..?

Well, Seaborne is a fairly good firm and Bohlke has been around for ages and them guys are looking for souls now and then.
Same with that C-402 outfit, they have a good reputation and the pilots like working there..Forgot the name, they are also in Nantucket..?

Other than that, more action in STT these days, as in the past..?.

Talk to STT AIR, not a boring place place to work....Paul and Margaret..:D

SJU jobs are also available and quite commutable from STX..Tol Air is still in business meh thinks.
So is Four Star.

Memories are coming back now for sure..(Had 5 jobs down there in 3 years, lost of fun, twin time and hard work, but a young mans game.)

Good luck

Seaborne is not a bad gig. You need float experience otherwise you sit in the right seat for a while and the pay is not that great. Cost of living is higher than on the mainland.!!!
I worked there for more than 2 years. Let me know if you need more into.

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