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Florida sucks...

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Jun 23, 2003
Is anyone else tired of living in Florida, and dealing with the same sheit every hurricane season?

Just had to vent.
Welcome to this lovely place.....
It sucks for many reasons, but it's the only place I could get a job. I'll take the mountains any day...

No! You suck. (kidding, I'm jealous)

I want to fly helo med-evac, however, simply obtaining the commercial add-on ain't gonna be enough to land the job. And at 46, with kids, mortgage, etc. It is difficult to pay for the experience.

I do understand the Florida delima. Good Luck.
hello, every city and state has it's ups and downs, Hi guam guy, very familiar with guam and hope to go back for a visit. Boston, too many taxes, and snotty people, and the Kennedy's.

California, earthquakes. New York, congested, smoke, smog and polluction, too many people, Japan, tooooooo, many people, Mexico, dirty water, Ireland, wanted to go there for st, paddy's day, couldn[t get a seat on a flight and found out 700 people were arrested for disorderly conduct, Saudi Arabia, must wear a scarf and no skirt if you are female, Las Vegas, couldn't live there, ( I love it) would lose all my money on roulette wheel, ( excellent shows)! Thankgod I dont live in Tornado alley, have not expericecned that yet, and hope never to to.

Switzerland, beautiful, but need tons of bucks, ok where do where go to be avoided of natural disasters? And people climb mount everest and nearly die! Go see it in the Imax movie! Good luck in the Hurricanes! We call it Typhoon!

MissKittyKat, ( Hey I had to ask 3 people for the typhoon answer)

Have fun!

Not too sure you are familiar with the military life style, but one can't move on a while. And you are kind of sent where the needs of the service are.

So, having been here for the last two hurricane seasons...

I really love Florida, but during hurricane season, just to reiterate... FLORIDA SUCKS!!!

AA.. I will trade you some of my helo hours for some of your ME hours!!!
Heck no! Not many other places can you walk out your front door with the view in my avatar several times a week!

I'll take the slight chance of having a direct hit from a hurricane rather than the 100% chance of a sht winter up north. F that.....

Then again, if I had a blue tarp on my roof for the past year like some still have I may think differently!
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