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FLOPS Ads with no Citation Xs

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Heavy Set

Well-known member
Nov 28, 2002
I've seen a number of FLOPS ads recently in the WSJ and NYT that showed only three of the four aircraft they reportedly want to consolidate the fleet around - only showed the 400XP, 800XP and Legacy. None of the ads had pictures of the Citation X - really no mention at all. Why would that be? You would think FLOPS would be proud to include the Citation X in their ads given its popularity among private jet owners, etc. NJA has had considerable success with the X.

Why wouldn't FLOPS include Citation X in their ads to attract more owners? Is it because Swift operates (or at least operated at one time) most of the Citation X aircraft? Any thoughts?

Are any FLOPS pilots actually flying the X? How many Xs does FLOPS plan to utilize (non-Swift) in their fleet going forward - any stated estimates?
Only rumor, but Swift and NJA seem to be in cahoots with each other again. Swift supplied at least some of the X's with Options, after the NJA relationship soured, and maybe this is going away with the new "NJA relationship".
NJA is only taking delivery of 1 more X. After that no more. They will begin phasing them out in '09 I believe. My memory fails me a year either side of that. They have no replacement aircraft for the X at this time...
How many Citation Xs does (and will they in the future) FLOPS operate? Does it still outsource flying to Swift? I would expect it would be a popular bid among FLOPS pilots because I hear the Legacy is a dog....
Flight Options still uses some contract pilots in the legacy/X and even other programs as well. I've run into contract pilots in the 50, hawker and gulfstream. Its crap and that is one of the reasons why we are trying to organize. They said they were only using them until we could get our guys up to speed....two yrs later here we are.
So far we only have 3 or 4 X's under our flag (I believe..) and swift is still flying theirs for us, along with their pilots flying them.
Raytheon is just greedy scum anyway you look at it.

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