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FlightSafety instructor interview gouge

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Well-known member
May 5, 2002
Anyone have any interview gouge for an instructor position with FlightSafety?
Have an interview next week.

Each FlightSafety operates as if it is an independent company. You have to be more specific about which center you want to work for.

From my experience, they want to see if you fit in to their small group and that you can teach. I do not know of any "gouge" for that.........
Thanks for the info.
If hired I will be in Seattle teaching in the 1900, dash 8, and Metro. It will be a phone interview with someone from HR from their main HQ.
You want to be knowledgeable, likeable, friendly, specific but informative, plus a hundred other things. You have to be able to talk easily about various subjects. Relax enough that you could make the interviewer "Like" you. You must enjoy teaching (or it will be more work than the pay).

Use "Yes sir" not "dude", "I'm sorry, could you repeat that" not "say again" , and "Thank you for your time".

Training centers go through Instructors some times on a frequent basis. I know of a center that lost 14 Instructors in one week. It was not a friendly place to work.

The 1900, metro, and Dash 8 all at once would be rough. I bet they will pick only one for you to work on.
FSI Interview Process

The phone interview is the first step in the process. I was recently hired in DFW, so I am very familiar with the steps involved. Goes like this....

Phone Interview - If pass, then...

They will email you a document, that you will fill out. Think of it as a written interview. (Can't remember if the phone interview was before or after the written interview...)

If you pass that, you will be invited for Presentation Day, aka P-Day. That is an all day affair with several parts. The primary reason you will be there is to give a 15 minute presentation to the group.

If you pass that, there will be another interview with the local center management team.

After all that, you will then be offered a position for one of the aircraft that the center teaches.

Hope that helps,

For the 15 minute presentation IMHO, don't teach anything about aircraft. They may know more about it than you and you will be asked questions during the presentation. I knew a guy that taught how to put a diper on a baby. As a new father he had current experience. Teach how to use a band saw, how to adjust/tune/ or otherwise make useful any small device with less than a few moving parts. Remember you only have 15 minutes.
The written interview was first followed by the phone interview. I had the phone interview on Tuesday and it went well. The only question I got was "what do you know about F/S?". The rest was more of a casual conversation, very friendly.
Pay has not yet been discussed, can you shed some light on what to expect? Hiring is part time for Dash-8.
Thanks for the info about what follows, very helpful.
The interview day at FSI is very friendly. I went thru the process a year ago and passed, but unforunately they did not hire much in that year.

I am seriously thinking of reapplying. Anybody know if they are hiring. Checked the website has an openining in England. Wondered if anything else might be opening up.

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